Fall Guys Update Prevents Back-To-Back Team Games, Tweaks Finales

After threatening to delete the best team from Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and then not following through, developer Mediatonic has introduced some small changes to their chaotic battle royale to ease some annoyances.

The update makes some tweaks to two of the game’s finale modes. Fall Mountain will now accommodate up to 15 players, making the race to the crown a bit more frantic, while Royal Fumble will have its time limit reduced to just 90 seconds. The same change is being made to Team Tail Tag, which should make each match feel less like a overstretched slog.

Players should also now not end up in back-to-back team games, as the update prevents those annoying situations from occurring entirely. Previously you could end up with three team games in a row in some rare instances, which quickly made that entire match a roll of the dice based on who you were paired up with.

Outside of game modes, Fall Guys will introduce Valve-specific costumes to the PS4 store. That likely includes Gordon Freeman from Half-Life (which was a pre-order bonus on Steam) as well as the Scout from Team Fortress 2. Chell, from Portal, is rumored to be coming to the game soon too.

Mediatonic says all these changes are a result of direct player feedback, and that the studio is continuing to monitor concerns from its community to make positive changes. Fall Guys is out on PC and PS4 and is still available with PS Plus this month.

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