Respawn Reveals Most Played Apex Legends Characters

In a recent interview with video game magazine Game Informer, Apex Legends general manager Dusty Welch and game director Chad Grenier touched on which Legends are played the most and how characters evolve over time.

Like most games with a hero or character pool, players drifted towards different Legends more in each season, but Wraith and Pathfinder were consistently high picks across the board. In the interview, Welch and Grenier spoke about which Legends were the most popular.

“Caustic has been from a pro player or tournament standpoint. He’s been an interesting player favorite, especially when they get into the final areas,” said Welch.

“We’ve seen in competitive play Wattson has been a popular pick. It also changes with the game. When we released the Winter Express game mode, Gibraltar was by far the favorite,” said Grenier.

Ever since the 4.1 update, Wattson has become less of a must-have pick thanks to Respawn nerfing some of her more unfair characteristics. Before the patch, Wattson was able to hold six grenades in only three inventory slots, allowing players who found big enough backpacks to stockpile grenades and bombard others with what seemed like a never ending supply of grenades.

Players used this method a lot, with interior spaces becoming a death sentence in most games. The only counter to this was to have a Wattson yourself, with her Interceptor Pylon destroying incoming ordinances, like grenades. Respawn responded to this infuriating meta by patching the character, limiting her to one grenade per inventory slot and bringing the bombardments to an end.

Legends character Bloodhound was changed in patch 4.1 as well, with his abilities being altered to reflect his original concept more. Bloodhound is a recon character, with the ability to track down or “hunt” down players with the Eye of the Allfather, which now has three times the range.

Before the update, this ability was only good for locating a player inside the same building or behind a rock, now Eye of the Allfather can be the hunter he was always meant to be. The only downside is the ability now takes twice as long to recharge.

Welch and Grenier also hinted at what else could be coming in Season 4: Assimilation, with Grenier being cautious to reveal too much.

“I don’t want to spoil too much. We will be having some stuff announced shortly that will be pretty exciting for everyone. I will tell you that we just locked in our plan for some major content coming in 2020 which has made the team very excited… We’re trying to tell more story and we’ll have more characters and depth there. We have more great animated content coming, It’s an exciting year for sure.” Said Grenier.

Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation is currently running on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Now is a great time to jump back into Apex, with Season 5 set to link the Apex canon with Respawn’s other popular title, Titanfall.

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