Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe is full-on Nintendo platform goodness

Cutie-pie Kirby is back for another adventure on the Switch mere months after his last successful outing.

And the pink ball of Nintendo goodness features this time in a revamp of his 2011 Wii console hit Return to Dream Land.

Fans of Kirby will know the drill, this is a side-scrolling 2D platform game where you use your unique ability to literally suck up skills to adopt them.

So with a big old sucking motion you can suddenly transform your hero into an ice king, where you’ll be able to freeze enemies stiff.

Or you can grab a leaf and you then to attack baddies standing in the way of you and the doorway at the end of the level with foliage.

There’s also sand attacks, a new Mecha skill where you fire lasers and ninja moves too.

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It’s all very colourful, cartoony and about as cuddly as Nintendo gets despite the brutal sound of the abilities.

This is classic Nintendo and very Mario in design.

Big warm bright levels packed full of colour and equally cute enemies to battle.

There’s a basic story where you have to help alien Magolor recover his crashed spaceship’s parts across Dream Land, but it’s a bit of a sideshow to all-out platforming fun.

Gamers can add three other players locally into the title at any point.

So four player mayhem all on one screen can get a bit bonkers, but is great fun when all together in the living room.

And that transfers over to the second part of this package, theme park Merry Magoland, which is effectively a game-within-a-game packed with mini-games to enjoy.

They include Smash Ride, where all four of you – or a single player and computer opponents – try to push the others off a spinning disc.

There’s also On The Draw, which is a cowboy style shootout.

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Overall you’ve got ten core mini-games games to enjoy each with their own difficulty levels that up the ante.

This is a lovely game, full of fun and joy.

It’s not too taxing and everything you’ve played before in a platformer.

The multiplayer element adds replayability, as does the mini-games section, and there are enough collectibles and hidden sections to want you coming back for more.

The Nintendo folks have done it again!


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