NIOH 2 Release Date News – : PS4, Xbox, PC Updates, Demo, Gameplay and more revealed

In case it wasn't already abundantly clear, Nioh and – most likely the upcoming Nioh 2 – will not be coming to Xbox One consoles.

According to a tweet put out by the official Koei Tecmo Europe Twitter account, “There are no current plans to bring Nioh to Xbox.”

Given that Sony invested some serious cash into bringing the game to PlayStation, it makes sense that it wouldn't want the title releasing on Microsoft platforms.

That said, just because Sony owns the retail rights to the game, that doesn't mean a digital release on Xbox is impossible.

Koei Tecmo was asked if it could enact a digital release – something we've seen happen with Nier: Automata under Square Enix more recently.

The publisher replied: “While under contract with Sony no. But like I said it’s not a complete no. In the future it may happen.”

A little later, though, Koei Tecmo Europe confirmed that there are no current plans to release Nioh on Xbox.

Nioh was an underrated PlayStation exclusive from Team Ninja – the brilliant minds behind the original masochistic action game hit, Ninja Gaiden.

Nioh, hot on the heels of Dark Sous III, is a tough, action role-playing game that takes on the Souls formula and adds its own kind of special spice to it – in a much clearer narrative way.

Announced at E3, Nioh 2 will expand upon the first game's success, albeit with a few small tweaks and changes.

Although it likely won't arrive for quite some time, here's everything we know about the game so far.

Developer: Team NinjaPublisher: Koei TecmoPlatforms: PS4, PC – Xbox? (Unconfirmed but unlikely)Genre: Action-RPG, 'Souls like'

Team Ninja's Nioh 2 will be a very similar game to the original, at least if a PlayStation livestream interview is anything to go by.

Shortly after the reveal of the title at E3, game director Fumihiko Yasuda said on the PlayStation stream that the game will build on the foundations of the original title, reaffirming its place as a 'masocore' title.

That basically means it's going to be tough as nails.

You'll be able to customise your character in the next game, so maybe protagonist of Nioh – William Adams – won't be making a return.

A demo for the game was confirmed at E3 2018 by Nioh 2 director Fumihiko Yasuda during the PlayStation livestream:

"While Team Ninja will do its best to bring everybody the best product, we don’t want it to be just our subjective opinion.

"So as we did with Nioh, we’ll release a free demo to for everyone again to get feedback and make this game right."

Character Creation:

Nioh 2 director Fumihiko Yasuda has confirmed that character creation will play a big part of the game.

"We did two demos before the first Nioh was launched, and we’re truly grateful for all the feedback from our fans. But having said that, after the game launched, one of the biggest requests that we had was character creation.

And that’s something we’re going to implement in Nioh 2. Players will definitely be able to customize all the details, including gender and race.

Two of the biggest things we've heard revealed about Nioh 2 so far are that it'll include character customisation, and that it'll include

More satisfying deaths:

Team Ninja's creative director Tom Lee has gone on record in a PlayStation stream explaining that the studio feels more emboldened in its development of Nioh 2.

For the first game, the studio was apparently "a little bit cautious and trepidatious, thanks to Nioh's setup being a bit of a departure.

“This time around,” Lee explains, “the gloves are off. We’re gonna go in hard"

“The experience is going to be closer to what we really had in mind [the first time].”

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