Super Mario Maker 3 Should Have A 3D Creation Mode

Super Mario Maker was an immediate commercial and critical hit in 2015 when it launched on the Wii U, and the same applies to Super Mario Maker 2, which landed on the Switch in 2019. The latter expanded on the former in so many ways and recently received an important update allowing players to create entire worlds in the classic Mario format. But, what about the 3D landscapes so praised in the 3D Mario titles.

It’s a fairly common concern, and certainly one had at Super Mario Maker 2‘s release. Presumably, there are entirely logical logistical reasons why 3D Mario levels haven’t quite been in the scope of the Super Mario Maker games so far. Perhaps technical limitations have prevented Nintendo from seriously pursuing fully creatable 3D Mario worlds, or maybe 3D Mario creations have been too complex. In other words, maybe designing a genuine 3D Mario level simply doesn’t make sense in practice.

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But, let’s take a moment to imagine that possibility. Say Nintendo’s next system is highly impressive graphically, matching the likes of the projected specs of Microsoft or Sony’s next console; perhaps a high-end PC. A Super Mario Maker 3 would simply have to have 3D Mario creations. Whether in the polygonal format of Super Mario 64, the vibrant tropics of Super Mario Sunshine, the awestriking galaxies of Super Mario Galaxy, or the varying landscapes of Super Mario Odyssey, a 3D Mario Maker feels inevitable.

You could place power-ups wherever desired, cannons or similar launching devices, any type of boss, and an army of Bowsers. Want to use the F.L.U.D.D. against that fiery monster from Super Mario Galaxy? Sure, go nuts. The world would be your oyster – and oyster you could put coins or 1-UPs into

Perhaps you could even design your own narrative (hold the voice acting,) with custom checkpoints initiating lines of dialogue or cutscene-esque actions. Of course, this specifically sounds more like a pipe dream – no pun intended.

If the possibilities were endless with the ability to create Mario levels in the 2D style of Super Mario Bros. or Super Mario 3D World, then a full-on 3D Mario level creator would make the endless-er.

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