What I Want From The Witcher 4

With CD Projekt Red deep into preparations for their new title, Cyberpunk 2077, it is likely that we won’t be seeing a Witcher title anytime soon. However, considering the success of the game series and the popularity of The Witcher Netflix series, it is likely that the developers have not entirely abandoned their flagship title. If we do get a Witcher 4 in the foreseeable future, here is what I am hoping we get to see from the game!

A New Protagonist In A Familiar World

The world of The Witcher games is a vast one filled with a ton of characters. With Witcher 3 feeling like a wrap-up of sorts for Geralt’s story, if we get another title in the series it will likely see a new protagonist. Personally, I am hoping to see Geralt’s adopted daughter, Ciri, take the reins. This wouldn’t be too much of a surprise as she is an integral part of Geralt’s story and even the Netflix series is beginning to show her strength and capability as a monster-fighter. No to mention that Witcher 3 allowed players to control Ciri for a time and that time felt like a precursor to something greater.

A Bigger, More Explorable World

With Witcher 3 being CD Projekt Red’s first foray into an open-world game, it is likely that they will make improvements if we get another title in the series. Of course, their upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, also an open world, will likely showcase how they have improved in this aspect and what we could possibly expect from another Witcher title. I am hoping that we get a more open-world experience from a sequel as Witcher 3 divided the map up creating entirely separate locations for some of the places (like Skellige Island). Personally, I love the ability to walk from one end of a map to another without any barriers or hindrances.

A Change of Location

A central location within the Witcher series is the Empire of Nilfgaard. However, we never get the chance to really explore this location that is so important to the world of the series. I am hoping a sequel lets us fully explore this location. It would make sense, especially if Ciri is the protagonist as she is the daughter of Emperor Emhyr var Emreis, a significant villain who hails from Nilfgaard.

Bigger Consequences 

One of my favorite things about playing through Witcher 3 was how my choices had far-reaching consequences. I am hoping that this is built upon for any sequel we may get. It seems like this is something the developers are focusing on in Cyberpunk 2077 as the choices of the game seem to decide where the character can go and who they interact with. I definitely want to see this mechanic show up in a Witcher title.

More Surprises

With many open-world games, it can feel like the game designates a pretty linear path for the story and pushes the player along that path without too many deviations. While Witcher 3 did offer fun interactions and missions along that path, it was still obvious where the game wanted me to go. I am hoping a sequel offers up more surprises, random encounters or interactions, and complete changes in where the game takes me amid the main story. I think this would help create a more immersive experience and keep a sequel from being just a copy-and-paste of the third game.

General Improvements 

While Witcher 3 was a phenomenal game that certainly occupied my time for a few months, there is always room for improvement. I think that some of the combat elements of the game could be improved, especially if we get a new protagonist like Ciri who can use her warping abilities in combat. I also think that the missions could have been more diverse, which is something that can be an issue in such large open-world games.

There you have it, a personal wishlist for improvements and additions to a possible Witcher 4. While we may not get a sequel to the series for a while, I don’t think the developers are anywhere near done with this world. I know I’m not.

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