IntSights: The dark web is a wretched hive of coronavirus scams and pandemic cybercrime

Dark web players have seized on the chaos caused by the coronavirus pandemic to cultivate a vast range of scams that target everyone from vulnerable consumers to unprepared medical facilities. According to a new report from global threat intelligence firm IntSights, a mixture of cybercriminals and state-sponsored actors are exploiting the confusion and fear around […]

Don’t Expect A Boosted Shiny Rate For Pokémon GO’s Tricky Event

Another Pokémon GO event is here, but it might not be what shiny hunters are looking for. The “Tricky” event was a surprise drop at the beginning of April – one meant to celebrate April Fools’ Day by increasing spawns for prankster Pokémon. This saw the debut of two new shiny forms: one for Croagunk and […]

How to Live Your Life on a Budget

Setting aside a portion of your wages and living within your means can help you survive those times when the economy has a downturn, or you decide to transition from one job to another. Here are some budgeting tips on ways to cut back expenses and still have enough money to enjoy your life: Organize […]

Valorant vs. CSGO: A comparison of the two tactical FPS titles

Riot Games’ upcoming competitive FPS Valorant, is receiving so much attention lately. With the closed beta coming soon, many are trying to get their hands on beta keys by watching Twitch streams. Many have christened Valorant the new CSGO, a “CSGO killer,” or a blend between Counter-Strike and Overwatch. But how similar are the babies of […]

Kojima Wants To Make A Horror Game That Makes You Poop

The scariest thing about Silent Hill, to casual gamers, is that Hideo Kojima never got his mitts on it. Whether or not the divisive auteur would’ve actually made a good one of those remains to be seen, but it’s fair to say it would’ve been an interesting experiment at the very least. But Konami put […]

A Big Nintendo Switch Eshop Sale Just Launched–Check Out The Best Deals

While the Switch Eshop always has games on sale, it’s rare to see a huge collection of notable Switch games discounted at one time. Fortunately for Switch players, that time has come: the Spring 2020 Eshop sale has arrived, with over 700 Switch games currently on sale. Quite a few publishers are getting in on […]

Where To Buy A Nintendo Switch

As retailers respond to increased demand for online goods due to the coronavirus, many items are starting to sell out on Amazon, Walmart, and other retail websites. While certainly not as crucial as hand sanitizer, tissues, toilet paper, and other household goods running low on Amazon, the Nintendo Switch is also seeing a major shortage […]

Why Amber opened a new support studio in Guadalajara — How Games Make Money

Amber is a development agency that produces its own games but also works with external companies to provide support services. That includes creating art assets, game design, engineering, and more. On this week’s How Games Make Money, host Jeff Grubb speaks with Amber chief executive Mihai Pohontu about how that business operates. He also provides […]

NBA 2K Players Tournament to air on ESPN

The NBA 2K Players Tournament has been announced by 2K, the NBA, and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA). The NBA 2K20 event will feature 16 current NBA players, including top seeds Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets and Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks.  RELATED: NBA 2K League finds restaurant partner in Panera Bread […]