Genshin Impact: A Guide To Noelle’s Second Hangout Event

Noelle is the first character to get a second part to her Hangout event in Genshin Impact. If you haven’t completed the first part, then you’ll need to complete that first. In this second event, Noelle is still having tons of anxiety about the Knights of Favonius exam, and it’s your job to help her out.

Unlike in other Hangout events, Noelle’s has a fair bit of combat, but none of it involves difficult enemies. You will also get to trial Noelle for some of the events, which will allow you to see if you have an interest in playing as the character yourself. Here’s how to unlock all the different endings for Noelle’s second hangout event.

The One and Only Noelle

For the first ending, you will want to tell Noelle to confront the stress of the exam directly. From there, you will tell her to imagine herself passing the exam. This will lead you to go place a Barron Bunny in the wild and fight some Hilichurls. After the Hilichurls are defeated, tell her she could be an acting grandmaster.

  • Be careful not to say anything discouraging to Noelle or you will lose hearts.

Work Made For a Maid

Work Made For a Maid follows the exact same path as The One and Only Noelle.

Instead of telling her to be a grandmaster, though, tell her she could be a Cavalry Captain like Kaeya.

Perfect Score

For this route, tell Noelle to face her stress directly and then choose to confront the stress of exams. This will send you to Cyrus, who will give you three different tasks, the first being a quiz. To pass the quiz, give Cyrus the following answers:

  • Windwheel Aster
  • Roald
  • Mare Jivari

Next, he will ask you to cook for him, choose the steak as the Mondstadt Grilled fish will cause the Hang Out to fail. You can either cook a fresh steak or give him one that’s already in your inventory.

The final task is defeating a Ruin Guard before time runs out; this can easily be done by using bow users to stun the Ruin Guard and reactions.

Points Deducted

This is the same route as Perfect Score, but you will need to purposely fail one of the quiz questions or fail to defeat the Ruin Guard at the end of the route.

Rest Amidst The Rocks

This route requires you to tell Noelle that pushing herself is bad and that she needs a change of scenery.

This will move you to Liyue, where you will visit a few key locations. Once at the blacksmith, a choice will come up, choose to go see the Millelith at the harbor.

The Maid-Knights Tale

The Maid-Knights Tale follows the same route as Rest Amidst The Rocks, but you tell Noelle that you want to go to Third-Round Knockout instead of the harbor.

You will need a Chaos Device to complete this ending.

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