Agent 47 Will Keep His Hair In The Upcoming Hitman TV Series

Screenwriter and executive producer of the upcoming Hitman TV series Derek Kolstad said fans would see the iconic assassin with hair on his head at the beginning. The Fox 21 and Hulu show’s main storyline will focus on giving more personality to Agent 47, who may have a more humane side than his gaming counterpart. Hitman as a series has […]

Valorant’s newest Agent, Astra, revealed

Valorant is getting a new agent for its upcoming Act, and her name is Astra. Riot Games revealed Astra’s ability kit on Sunday, and it’s full of cosmic powers, as well as a few familiar effects. Astra’s kit mostly revolves around placing Stars around the map. Stars are small throwable projectiles, which Astra can use […]

New agent Astra revealed for Valorant alongside battle pass skins

The stars aligned for a new Valorant trailer featuring the latest agent, Astra, who is coming in the second Act of Episode 2. Astra is the fourth controller in the Valorant universe, with her cosmic smoke and concussing abilities. Her abilities center around her Astral Form which players can switch to by pressing X on […]

Agent specific keybinds likely coming to Valorant in Episode Three

Riot confirmed in an Ask Valorant post on Thursday that agent specific keybinds are likely coming to the game sometime during Episode Three. Currently, in Valorant, players do not have the option to set up keybinds for specific agents. This means that changing one keybind will change it for every agent — so players cannot […]

VALORANT's upcoming Agent 14 will be a "duelist for all you 'lurkers,'" Riot says

Now teams can finally instalock five duelists. Whether you like it or not, VALORANT’s getting another duelist. Character product lead John Goscicki discussed the current state of agents today in a blog post, initially posted on VALORANT’s Brazilian website. And while the tac shooter may be in dire need of another controller, the new year […]

VALORANT – Neuer Agent könnte ein Samurai sein

Klopft bald der nächste Agent an die Tür? Orte und weitere Easter Eggs auf der neuen Map Icebox sowie dem Battle Pass von Akt III könnten einen spielbaren Samurai vorhersagen. Bevor der 13. VALORANT-Agent Skye die Server unsicher macht, liegt bereits ein weiterer Charakter-Hinweis in der Luft. Die Community vermutet einen Agenten im Samurai-Stil. Denn […]

VALORANT – Wird die neue Agentin ein Problem sein?

Durch eine verfrühte Veröffentlichung wurde Killjoy als Agentin in Akt 2 bekannt. Deren Fähigkeiten spalten die Community. Hat Riot Probleme mit der eigenen Designphilosophie? Seit heute ist bekannt, wie Killjoy in VALORANT aussehen wird. Sie soll eine deutsche Agentin mit futuristischen Tools sein. Das spiegelt sich in ihrer Optik nicht unbedingt wider, denn die Agentin […]

Riot Games plant weiteren Viper-Buff – Valorant

Ein zusätzlicher Buff für Viper. Entwickler Riot Games möchte die unbeliebte VALORANT-Agentin im kommenden Patch 1.04 noch einmal besser machen. Viper soll kommende Woche gestärkt werden. Das hat der VALORANT-Entwickler Coleman “Altombre” Palm am Mittwochmorgen auf Reddit verraten. Zwar gab er noch keine Informationen darüber preis, welche genauen Änderungen an Viper vorgenommen werden. Klar ist […]

How VALORANT’s Agent Abilities Help The Game, And Hurt It

The closed beta for VALORANT has only been live for a short while, but already players are loving the gameplay that rewards precision shooting with the fantastic element of character abilities. While players are enjoying the game, streamers like Summit1g consider those unique character abilities to be good for the game in some ways, but […]

Valorant’s new Agent Raze seems vastly overpowered in the Closed Beta

It seems that the leaks were correct leading up the Closed Beta of Valorant. After the early access videos went live, data-miners managed to head into the files of the game and discover all sorts of information. Part of that was evidence of a new Agent, Raze. Leakers uncovered her abilities as well as her […]