Days Gone: How To Recover Crossbow Bolts

The Crossbow is a crucial weapon in Days Gone. As Deacon travels around post-apocalyptic Oregon, he will encounter various enemies, including humans, animals, and ravenous freaks. If you want to kill them without being detected or want a source of ammo that can be crafted, the Crossbow is easily the most important weapon in your arsenal. Another […]

Valheim’s Viking Invasion Crosses 5 Million Players

One million is less than a week. Two million in less than two weeks. Three million in under three weeks, four million in less than four weeks, and now five million in less than a month (February has just 28 days, remember). Valheim just cannot be stopped. Besides having the most ridiculous sales numbers of […]

Super Mario-themed Animal Crossing event coming in March

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will get a Super Mario-themed free update in March, Nintendo announced on Tuesday. It’s the next update coming after New Horizons’ Festivale event, which begins on Jan. 28. Nintendo first hinted at a Super Mario-themed update in September during a surprise Nintendo direct. No details were given then, and no more […]

I regret giving my Animal Crossing villager a muscle suit

When I started my Animal Crossing: New Horizons village, I contented myself with the small joys of home decoration and bug catching. Then, I realized that I could give gifts to my animal neighbors, and they would display them proudly in their own houses, or change into a brand new outfit just to please me. […]

According To PETA, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is An Unethical Game

PETA thinks that Animal Crossing: New Horizons is actually an unethical game. Which is weird. There are few games out there that are more wholesome than Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There’s no killing, no stealing, and no hardship of any kind. It’s just you on a tropical island catching bugs and fishing with a whole […]