Hasan Does The #1 VR Don’t

Twitch streamer Hassan does the number one thing you should never do while playing a VR game.

VR has always had a problem: you need space. A lot of it. And you also need to keep track of where you are in the real world even as you play a virtual reality game. Lose track of your real-world footing and you can run into problems such as walls or furniture.

The number one thing you need to remember in VR gaming is to always center yourself in the play area BEFORE you game. Hassan didn’t do that on his most recent stream, much to his regret. And his controller’s regret, and maybe his wall’s regret.

On the last round of his Super Hot VR play session, Hassan gears himself up for the fight of his life but forgets where he is on his play mat. This means that his first punch not only connects with the simulated enemy in Super Hot but also the wall next to his door.


The good news is that the wall seems to be mostly undamaged. The bad news is that his controller is almost certainly scuffed and possibly cracked. And if not, the delicate internal mechanisms that keep track of where your fists are located don’t really like hard impacts. Let’s hope that Hassan is still under warranty.

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Lirik proves you don't need bullets or a vehicle to get a kill in Call of Duty: Warzone

He’s an improviser.

Lirik is no stranger to being clipped like crazy on Twitch. But usually, it’s from when he does something silly or funny. Today, he showed off his gameplay prowess in a big way.

During today’s Twitch Rivals Warzone Streamer Showdown, Lirik was hunting kills and wins as he parachuted off of a skyscraper to land on a rooftop above another player.

Lirik fired an RPG at the enemy, and then emptied 26 bullets from an M13 to break their armor, but quickly found out that he was completely out of ammo after recently returning from the Gulag.

Luckily, Lirik had a grenade, and that was all he needed. As he realized he was completely out of ammo, he did not panic. He instead put on his chef’s hat and cooked a grenade, patiently, and bounced it at the feet of the enemy, destroying him and sending him to the Gulag.

Oftentimes Lirik is looked at as a variety streamer, but he definitely has a ton of skills in FPS games as well. He’s played Counter-Strike for years and has been enjoying his time in Warzone thus far.

Lirik and many other top streamers are playing in Call of Duty: Warzone in Twitch Rivals today, so be sure to check out the streams.

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PSA: Don't Play Destiny 2 Trials Of Osiris Until Saturday Night

Destiny 2 players excited for the return of the Trials of Osiris tournament had a bit of a bummer weekend in the hardcore PvP event. A new bug prevented the Trials from dropping its loot for some players, and Bungie advised that players might have to wait until Saturday night to play the tournament if you want your rewards.

Bungie tweeted Friday that it was investigating a bug that prevented Trials from dishing out its special, Trials-themed loot drops, a bug the GameSpot Trials verified after we ran some matches ourselves. Bungie’s latest update on the situation has a fix, of sorts. The weekly challenges for Trials are going live at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET on Saturdays from here on out, it seems, rather than at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET on Fridays with the daily reset.

That means you’ll want to start playing on Saturday evenings to get Trials rewards. Bungie says it’ll fix the issue in a later patch to make sure that Trials rewards become available at reset on Fridays, but it’s not clear how long it’ll take for that change to get made.

The Trials of Osiris is a multiplayer challenge in which teams of three take on intense PvP matches with the goal of winning seven games in a row. As you work through your “Trials card,” which tracks your wins and losses, you get loot rewards at three, five, and seven total wins–so even if you don’t have a “flawless” Trials run, you still get weapons and armor if you manage to chalk up a bunch of wins before you hit three total losses and have to start over.

The bug means the rewards, which are Trials-specific guns and armor, aren’t appearing for players who racked up their wins, which pretty much removes the incentive for diving into the super-tough battles of Trials. From the sounds of things, Bungie can’t retroactively give players the rewards they should have already earned, either–so if you already managed to go flawless in this Trials event, the bad news is, you’ll have to do it again.

We’ll keep updating this story as more information becomes available.

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