I Don’t Want To Go Back To Peter Parker In Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales improves upon the original Marvel’s Spider-Man in a lot of ways. The side quests are more interesting, the pacing is a lot better, and even the web-swinging is more energetic and engaging. The biggest change, of course, is Miles’ new stealth and venom powers. Peter and Miles are very different Spider-Men […]

Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro And The Joy Of Anime Facial Expressions

I love anime that aren’t afraid to experiment with animation styles, shows and films that don’t consider themselves constrained by traditional means. It’s one of the most diverse animation mediums on the planet – for better or worse – and studios take that identity and run with it as a slate of new shows arrives […]

Bounding your ML models: Don’t let your algorithms run wild

Join Transform 2021 for the most important themes in enterprise AI & Data. Learn more. The purpose of designing and training algorithms is to set them loose in the real world, where we expect performance to mimic that of our carefully curated training data set. But as Mike Tyson put it, “everyone has a plan, […]

I Don’t Think You Understand How Huge DLSS Is For The Switch Pro

DLSS is incredible. When the futurist and inventor Arthur C. Clarke wrote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” he described DLSS 2.0 perfectly. It’s the most exciting advancement we’ve seen in gaming since the invention of cloud gaming, yet most players likely have no idea what it means. Frankly, it’s understandable. Maximizing visual […]

Clea 2 Review: Don’t Let The “No Jump Scares” Description Fool You

Clea 2 is a survival horror game developed by InvertMouse and published by Sekai games. It is a sequel to the original Clea, which was released back in 2019. The gameplay between Clea and Clea 2 is almost exactly the same, but Clea 2 corrects several of the problems with the original Clea— though not all […]

Don't miss this 24-hour sale on HyperX gaming peripherals

If you need to upgrade the computer gear you actually touch all day long, Amazon has you covered—but only until midnight. The online retailer is throwing a one-day sale on HyperX gearRemove non-product link, including headsets, mice, and keyboards. The sale ends just before midnight on Tuesday evening, Pacific time. We sifted through the discounts to […]

Don’t Sleep On Destiny 2’s New Elemental Well Mods

I have a question for Destiny 2 players: why aren’t you using the new Elemental Well mods? If it’s because you just don’t think they can compete with Warmind Cells, then yeah, you’re kind of right. But the days of Warmind Cells trivializing ad-clear with their ludicrous explosions are numbered. When the nerf hammer finally […]

Don’t miss GamesBeat’s new all-digital event on driving game growth

Join the all-digital event that’s giving game publishers an edge in an uncertain ecosystem.  From January 26-28, GamesBeat is bringing together today’s industry leaders for three days of content and networking focused on game growth and the Metaverse. Of course the industry keeps growing, boosted by the pandemic and next-gen console releases, and reaching $139.9 […]

Don’t Sleep On Observer: Redux

Released in August of 2017, Observer was easily overshadowed by the likes of video game powerhouses from Breath of the Wild to Horizon Zero Dawn. With the start of a whole new console generation, however, Observer has been given renewed life via a special extra-content edition, called System Redux. For those who may have missed it the first […]

In Today’s ‘Don’t Vape Into Your Xbox’ News, Sony Says You Can’t Marry A PS5

Yesterday, news of people hiding marriage proposals in recently purchased PS5s started making headlines, including around these parts. It’s not exactly the same as going down on one knee while visiting the Grand Canyon or anything, but since we’re all in lockdown, there’s not a whole lot of traveling going on these days. Swapping your […]