Don’t Sleep On Destiny 2’s New Elemental Well Mods

I have a question for Destiny 2 players: why aren’t you using the new Elemental Well mods? If it’s because you just don’t think they can compete with Warmind Cells, then yeah, you’re kind of right. But the days of Warmind Cells trivializing ad-clear with their ludicrous explosions are numbered. When the nerf hammer finally comes down on Warmind Cells (as Bungie has strongly hinted at), you’ll be happy to know that Elemental Wells are actually a very viable alternative.

And if you just aren’t using them because you’ve heard other Guardians say they suck, well, they’re wrong. Elemental Mods are actually great for a number of different reasons, and they get better the more people use them.

So I’m going to evangelize for these mods for a bit. Hopefully by the time I’m done, I’ll have cleared up a few misconceptions and maybe convinced more people to run around with these mods on so I’m not always the only one.

What Makes Elemental Well Mods So Great

I’m a big fan of builds that let me mix and match weapons and subclasses at my leisure. Warmind Cells are absolutely the most powerful thing you can build for in Destiny 2 at the moment, but you really need to use certain weapons to make them work. I don’t want to spend the rest of my days exclusively shooting the Ikelos SMG, but Warmind Cells can make it sort of feel like I have to.

Elemental Well mods don’t have that problem. You can use whatever weapons you want, or whatever subclass you prefer.

“But Sean,” I can already hear you protest, “Elemental Armaments works best when you use an elemental primary weapon of the same damage type as your subclass! Doesn’t that sort of go against your love of neutral play?”

Yes, you’re right. But then, I don’t use Elemental Armaments to generate Elemental Wells.

I use the other two Elemental Well mods, Elemental Ordnance and Elemental Light. These mods generate Elemental Wells on Grenade kills and Super kills, respectively, and because of this, they always generate Elemental Wells that match my subclass so I always get the maximum benefit.

On their own, these mods don’t seem to provide a whole lot of benefit; you get a bit of ability energy back. Woo. Lots of things in Destiny do that.

But here’s the thing: Elemental Wells aren’t just for you. Everyone gets their own Elemental Well whenever one player generates a Well, so it’s actually everyone on the Fireteam gets a little bit of energy back.

If you’re playing solo or with a bunch of folks that aren’t using Elemental Well mods, then this benefit is rather small. But if everyone in a Fireteam equipped these two mods, the benefits start to really stack up.

And it’s not hard to sneak Elemental Ordnance and Elemental Light onto your armor. Elemental Ordnance comes in at three energy while Elemental Light requires just one, and neither need any particular color of armor to work. They’ll go in any Combat Style Mod slot, which means they’ll fit on any armor from Beyond Light forward that has enough energy to spare.

You can also mix these mods with Charged with Light mods thanks to the mod Elemental Charge. This causes you to gain a stack of Charged with Light whenever you grab an Elemental Well. Elemental Charge is only two energy to equip and again requires no particular Elemental Affinity from your armor. You can easily mix these mods with something like Protective Light or High Energy Fire to get more than just a bit of grenade, melee, and class ability energy.

I personally use a combination of Elemental Charge, Elemental Ordnance, Elemental Light, Taking Charge, and Protective Light for my build, which gives me a good mix of ability regeneration and defense.

But what if you went all-in on Elemental Well mods? If you build for pure ability regen with a weapon featuring the Wellspring perk and an Exotic that provides ability energy (such as Fr0st-EE5, Heart of Innermost Light, or Eye of Another World) then you can practically spam your abilities at will. The more people using Elemental Well mods, the crazier your cooldowns get.

I’ve played just one Battlegrounds where my entire Fireteam was using Elemental Well mods, and lemme tell you, it was nuts. It was just knives, grenades, and fireballs almost constantly, with the occasional pause for a rocket to thwack into a Thresher.

If you’re still in love with Warmind Cells, that’s fine. I can’t sit here with a clear conscience and say that Elemental Wells are better than blowing up an entire room full of baddies at once. But Elemental Well mods are easy to equip, easy to use, and fun. Give ’em a try and I promise you’ll think so too.

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