Wasteland 3's First Story Expansion Arrives This June

Wasteland 3 is getting its first narrative expansion this June. The Battle of Steeltown sends players back to Colorado to take on a new threat while enjoying a suite of features designed to freshen up the experience.  The story centers on rangers being sent to the factory complex of Steeltown on behalf of the Patriarch. […]

First Major Update For Spellbreak Now Available

It’s been a while since Spellbreak first came to the market. Spellbreak is a free battle royale game that made its appearance in the Epic Games Store last year in September. But Proletariat, its developer, is not neglecting it in the least with a new update for the game finally available. The update will be […]

First Look At The PowerPuff Girls Live-Action Series Teased

Eager fans of the upcoming live-action adaption of The PowerPuff Girls got their first real tease today (via TMZ.com). A clip showing the three superheroes all-grown-up in their original outfits and Blossom taking flight was revealed today. It’s a big nostalgia trip for those who grew up watching them on The Cartoon Network. This also gives […]

Hitman 3’s first mission is free to try this week

You can now drop into Agent 47’s World of Assassination for free. Developer IO Interactive released a new version of Hitman 3 called the Free Starter Pack, which lets players check out the game’s first level, Dubai, for free. The mission will only be included in the pack from March 30 to April 5. The […]

Roblox Ends Its First Day Public With A Greater Value Than EA And Ubisoft

Roblox went public yesterday on the New York Stock Exchange and, in doing so, managed to topple the likes of EA and Ubisoft with a worth of $38 billion. EA is currently $37.43 billion, Take-Two, who owns Rockstar, sits at $18.98 billion, while Ubisoft is valued at $8.16 billion. Roblox’s is so high because, at the […]

FACEIT reveals HyperX as first sponsor of collegiate leagues – Esports Insider

Esports platform and tournament organiser FACEIT has unveiled gaming peripherals company HyperX as the first sponsor of its CS:GO, League of Legends, and VALORANT collegiate leagues. The deal will see both parties collaborate to provide collegiate esports clubs with funding and prizes across the three leagues. RELATED: FACEIT and Ubisoft launch North American FPL for Rainbow Six Siege Alongside […]

Exclusive First Look At Ultimate Rivals: The Court

When Skylanders and Disney Infinity were flying off of store shelves, Bit Fry Game Studios almost made a toys-to-life sports title. I was shown a prototype of a Wayne Gretzky figure that would be used for the game by Ben Freidlin, Bit Fry’s founder and CEO. The hope was to create a game that blended […]

Apex Legends’ first Switch gameplay trailer shows off handheld footage

Respawn Entertainment has finally shown off Apex Legends running on the Nintendo Switch. The first gameplay trailer was released on Tuesday, and it looks a lot like the Apex Legends you’re used to, only a little smaller. While the footage is mostly recognizable as the Apex Legends players have come to expect over the last […]