Six Scary Good Board Games For Halloween

Each year brings hundreds of new board and card games to the market, and even the recent dampener on social get-togethers hasn’t halted the flow. Without fail, in each year, some of the most popular themes include horror, monsters, magic, and mystery – perfect fits for a Halloween get-together. Whether you’re looking to head to […]

The Good Life Review – Shoot For A Higher Standard Of Living

The Good Life has been in development for a long time – it failed its initial funding campaign in 2017. But after several development pauses, funding attempts, and visual alterations, its bumpy development led to a bumpy gameplay experience. Despite that, The Good Life contains flashes of fun in the more absurd moments, and its […]

Scarlet Nexus Is Good But You Should Play Genshin Impact Instead

Earlier this week, after playing through loads of the 40 free demos that launched on Xbox during E3 2021, I decided it was high time to give Scarlet Nexus a whirl. For those unacquainted with it, it’s an intensely anime action-adventure game that opts for a combination of the kind of hack-and-slash combat you’d find in […]

Bayonetta 3 Is Making Good Progress, Nintendo Executives Confirm

Nintendo brought us a fantastic showcase this year during E3, considering they displayed Mario Party Superstars, a new 2D Metroid game, an Advance Wars remake, and a new trailer for Breath of the Wild 2. But as we all know, there was something that was devastatingly missing from the show, and that was Bayonetta 3. […]

Is The Snyder Cut Good? | Justice League Spoilercast

These days, it feels like you can’t wake up without seeing something new about a superhero property. Whether you’re a fan of Marvel movies that will finally get their release in 2021 or are anxiously awaiting the return of the Batfamily to your PlayStation or Xbox, fans of powerful do-gooders and tight spandex have a lot to keep up […]

What will it take to make good on the promise of the metaverse?

The “How to Build the Metaverse” panel during GamesBeat’s two-day all-digital metaverse event brought together speakers who are tackling the challenges in bringing the metaverse to life. Wanda Meloni, CEO & principal analyst at M2 Insights, was joined on stage by John Linden, CEO of Mythical Games, Jacob Navok, CEO of Genvid, and Chris Swan, […]

Stop Making Every Good Pokemon A Boring Dragon

If you’ve read about any of my recent endeavors in Pokemon – like when I used Ash Ketchum’s Pokemon League-winning lineup in competitive, or hand-picked his best ‘mons ever to build a dream team – you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Dragonite. Most of the PvE squads I’ve entered the Hall of Fame […]

Someone Please Make A Good Hunter x Hunter Game, Thanks

Hunter x Hunter is one of the most fascinating series I have ever watched. It meaningfully grapples with toxic masculinity, features a wide range of uniquely intriguing characters, and offers some of the most tasteful fantasy writing around town. So why, reader, has nobody acquired the rights to make a genuinely decent Hunter x Hunter […]

5 Ways A Good Mobile App Can Help Optimize Your Business

The introduction of modern smartphone devices represents a revolution in various fields like communication, marketing, entertainment, education, and much more. A lot more people are using mobile phones to search the web than PC and laptop devices. Therefore, choosing to develop an app with support for Android and iOS devices seems like a great solution […]