100 Thieves advance to Grand Finals of VCT after defeating Envy

100 Thieves advance to the Grand Finals of the Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2: Challengers 1 after a 2-1 victory over Envy. Envy fall to the Lower Bracket of the tournament after a one-sided matchup against a dominant 100 Thieves. FaZe Clan swept 100 Thieves in their last Grand Finals appearance during the Stage 1 […]

Masters Grand Finals to be a FaZe Clan, Sentinels rematch

FaZe Clan has fought their way to a Grand Finals rematch with Sentinels after getting knocked into the lower bracket. Sentinels beat FaZe 2-0 in the upper bracket final yesterday, March 19, knocking the team into the lower bracket. The former Overwatch players beat Gen.G 2-0 to qualify for the Grand Finals. The best-of-five series […]

Super Nintendo World Grand Opening Set For March 18

Super Nintendo World officially has a grand opening date in Japan for March 18, 2021. The opening has been up in the air regarding when was safe to do so given the issues due to the ongoing pandemic with COVID-19. While the other locations, including Florida’s opening in the United States, are still under review […]

Grand Theft Auto 5 Is The Best Game For Blowing Off Steam

In times of mental distress, it’s nice to have a place to escape to for relaxation. However, relaxation can look like different things to different people. Plenty has been written about games you can play to alleviate anxiety, for example. While the world is still reeling from the pandemic, video games can make for a brilliant way […]

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Dataminers Have Uncovered A Secret UFO Mission

Grand Theft Auto V is a game with many paranormal and alien secrets, and more continue to come to its Online mode over time. A group of dataminers have found evidence of a new alien spacecraft in the game, and activated a mission that has been added to the game’s files but is not properly […]

Long-Time Grand Theft Auto Producer And Radio Host Lazlow Has Left Rockstar

Lazlow Jones, the voice of DJ Lazlow from Grand Theft Auto III onwards, has left Rockstar Games. Jones worked as a producer, director, and writer across the Grand Theft Auto series, as well as other Rockstar games, including Red Dead Redemption 2. Jones served at the studio for 19 years. The news comes via Jones’ […]

‘Expanded and enhanced’ Grand Theft Auto 5 coming to PlayStation 5

During Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal event, Rockstar Games announced that an “expanded and enhanced” version of Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released on the next-gen console. During the event — called “The Future of Gaming” — Rockstar said that Grand Theft Auto Online will be free when it comes to the next-gen console. It’s […]