Here’s a fan-made 3D version of Among Us

Among Us has been in the social media spotlight for weeks now, despite being a simple 2D game with cute lil’ space bean graphics. But what if, instead, the crewmates (and deadly impostors) were running around a 3D version of the map? A VR developer named Jar has posted a video of this very thing. […]

First Blood: Here’s Some Mortal Kombat 11 Rambo Gameplay

After starting us off with Rain, NetherRealm Studios has seen fit to bestow upon us the gift of Rambo. Along with Mileena and Rain, Rambo is the third DLC character to arrive with Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate as part of the second Kombat Pack, and he’s the third character to round out the ‘80s action […]

Here’s How Persona 5 Fans Got The #GoodbyeHashtag Trending On Twitter

Following the loss of everyone’s favorite “Pancake Boy” in a recent Persona popularity poll, Goro Akechi stans took to Twitter to show everyone just how influential Persona 5’s detective prince truly is. The Persona Awards (@PersonaAward on Twitter) is a currently-running online popularity poll where fans can vote on their favorite characters from the Persona […]

Here's The Very First Physical PS5 Game, According To Gearbox

Many questions about the PlayStation 5, particularly the look of its user interface, remain unknown. However, PS5-adjacent news continues to trickle out. Case in point, Gearbox Software’s CEO has what he said is the first PlayStation 5 game to ever be manufactured Randy Pitchford took to Twitter to share several photos of what he claims […]

Here's Your Newest Look At The Upcoming Monster Hunter Movie

Sony Pictures has released a new trailer for the upcoming Monster Hunter movie today, giving us our first detailed look at the film’s cast, setting, and creatures. Check it out above.  According to the film’s synopsis, and detailed in the trailer, when a group of soldiers are hit by a sandstorm, they are unexpectedly transported […]

Here's Why PlayStation Is Using Astro Bot In A Non-VR Game

Since his debut in 2016’s Playroom VR, Astro Bot has become something of a mascot for Sony’s PSVR headset. So why’s he showing up in a non-VR game? If you missed the news, Astro’s Playroom is a free PS5 launch title that comes installed on every console. It’s a third-person platformer just like 2018’s […]

Here's A Free Steam Game For A Limited Time

A 2016 puzzle-platformer is now free on Steam. Inspired by titles like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, developer Flazm’s Scrap Garden can be added to your Steam library at no charge. Scrap Garden is a 3D puzzle-platformer about a robot named Canny who awakens to a post-apocalyptic world. The bot’s objective is to scour […]

Here’s how Baldur’s Gate 3 deals with relationships and sex

On Wednesday, Larian Studios released one of its final community updates for Baldur’s Gate 3 ahead of the role-playing game’s early access release. In the YouTube video, the team discusses how relationships and romance function as game mechanics. They also covered the topic of in-game sex. Kicking off the presentation was Sarah Baylus, lead writer […]

Here's How Much Xbox Series X Extra Storage Costs

Xbox Series X and Series S preorders are set to go live today. And while we’ve known the price of the consoles themselves–$500 and $300, respectively–the ability to order accessories is shedding some light on how much we can expect accessories like extra storage to cost. Users on ResetEra have found UK retailers listing the […]

Here's Why xCloud Isn't On iOS Devices

Microsoft’s xCloud recently exited its testing phase and is now available to Android users with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but the service isn’t available to iOS users at all. This followed an abruptly cut short test on iOS that only included one game as opposed to the several options Android users had. But this isn’t […]