E3 “Actively Assessing” Coronavirus Situation In Los Angeles

With Los Angeles now in a State of Emergency, E3 planners are beginning to question the nature of this ever-changing situation and the seriousness of COVID-19. Not two days prior, the ESA had a very different story, claiming that E3 was still full-steam ahead. Given the unknowns and the highly dangerous nature of the virus itself, seeing that it has already taken one life in California (not to mention well over 2,500 worldwide) it’s probably best to stay far away from the action.

In a statement provided by GamesIndustry.biz, the ESA has decided to give E3 more thought in relation to the still ongoing situation in California. The statement reads:

“The health and safety of our attendees, exhibitors, partners, and staff is our top priority. While the ESA continues to plan for a safe and successful E3 show June 9-11, 2020 — we are monitoring and evaluating the situation daily.

Our E3 team and partners continue to monitor COVID-19 via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). We are actively assessing the latest information and will continue to develop measures to further reduce health risks at the show.”

The statement goes on to relate in more detail various guidance procedures asserted by the Los Angeles State of Emergency.

It’s no secret how much the coronavirus is affecting the gaming industry, from video game delays to even conference cancellations. The larger, long-term impact of the virus itself could be devastating, what with even CPU production being affected and many individuals stuck in quarantine, both development and logistics of products will be dramatically slowed and — potentially — halted entirely. The highly anticipated releases of next-gen consoles could be delayed if the virus isn’t course-corrected anytime soon.

While the ESA hasn’t confirmed yet if they’re canceling E3 or not, it’s probably safer to watch from a distance, given the fact that most of the exciting news and noteworthy releases will be announced digitally anyway. If you are planning on going, or simply live in the area, from all of us at TheGamer please remain safe and follow this helpful PAX East guide to refrain from contracting the dreaded COVID-19 when at E3.

With the crisis still ever-surmounting, we could very well see the dawn of a new, more digitally-reticent gaming convention scene, akin to the likes of a Sony State of Play or Nintendo Direct. With these concerns in mind, it may well be a better option.

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