LA Thieves continue loser’s bracket run with reverse sweep against London

The LA Thieves continue to stay alive at the Call of Duty League Stage 2 Major, defeating the London Royal Ravens 3-2. It was a reverse sweep win for the Thieves, who looked seriously off in the first maps of the series. However, the newly formed roster came together when it mattered and advanced in […]

LA Thieves dodge elimination by defeating Paris at CDL Stage 2 Major

The LA Thieves survive to fight another day at the Call of Duty League Stage 2 Major, sweeping the Paris Legion 3-0. In their first match since benching veteran and world champion Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat, LA dominated their opposition. Bringing in Zack “Drazah” Jordan to replace the main assault rifle for the Thieves seems to […]

Machine translation startup Language I/O raises $5M

Join Transform 2021 for the most important themes in enterprise AI & Data. Learn more. Language I/O, a startup providing AI technologies for real-time, company-specific language translations, today announced that it raised $5 million. The company says it plans to put the funding toward customer acquisition as it expands the size of its workforce. In […]

Pumpkin Jack Haunts The PS4 Later This Month

Pumpkin Jack will be haunting the PS4 on February 24 for those who carry that Halloween spirit year-round. In this platformer, you play as Jack, a pumpkin lord that is helping the devil destroy the world. As you seek to kill your wizard adversary who’s defending mankind, you’ll be exploring multiple themed levels that are […]

Uber researchers propose AI language model that emphasizes positive and polite responses

AI-powered assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant are pervasive. But for these assistants to engage users and help them to achieve their goals, they need to exhibit appropriate social behavior and provide informative replies. Studies show that users respond better to social language in the sense that they’re more responsive and likelier to […]

Call of Duty: LA Thieves Signs Temp, Adds JKap as Coach

100 Thieves has completed its starting lineup for the upcoming season of the Call of Duty League. The organization announced its signing of former New York Subliners player Donovan “Temp” Laroda earlier today, and confirmed the addition of Jordan “JKap” Kaplan as head coach yesterday. Temp’s addition was announced on Twitter today, with a Nadeshot-directed […]

LA Kings, LA Galaxy enter deal with Esports Entertainment Group – Esports Insider

Malta-based gambling firm Esports Entertainment Group (EEG) has been named the official esports tournament provider of the LA Kings and LA Galaxy. Under the terms of the agreement, EEG will host branded tournaments for the LA Kings and LA Galaxy via online tournament provider Esports Gaming League (EGL), which the company announced its intention to […]

How Control never stuck the landing with its story – Reader's Feature

A reader explains why he was disappointed by the end of Control and its hints at a more daring and unpredictable storyline. With only 69,000 metric tons of the stuff in the world, platinum – the inert corrosion resistant metal – has found its way to becoming the signifier of gaming excellence. I was proud […]

GeForce RTX 3070 Delayed To Late October

The GeForce RTX 3080 release was… well, let’s call it less than ideal. Within seconds of the sales going live on at 9 AM, September 15, the 3080 was sold out everywhere. Getting one of Nvidia’s brand new cards was more a matter of luck than actually having the cash on hand to pay for […]