New Sega console is a mini arcade with Virtua Fighter, Golden Axe, and more

Rather than a miniaturised Game Gear, Sega’s new retro console is the Astro City Mini, which includes some of their greatest arcade hits. The announcement that Sega’s big 60th anniversary surprise was some miniature-sized Game Gear handhelds was not the most thrilling reveal ever, even if it was VERY Sega. But it seems they won’t […]

Kelly unveils ‘Mini Mustang’ simulator

Supercars champion Rick Kelly has unveiled the ‘Mini Mustang’ – the second generation of his home simulator build. Kelly made no secret of his lack of sim racing knowledge heading into the Supercars Eseries, calling on fans to help out back in March when it was first announced. He then opted to go it alone […]

TurboGrafx-16 Mini Release Date Finally Set For Next Week

The TurboGrafx-16 Mini has been in a bit of a limbo, floating through the void without a release date. Thankfully, it looks like it’s finally going to launch next week. The Amazon-exclusive TuboGrafx-16 Mini now has a May 22 release date, so if you’ve been waiting for yours to show up or want to purchase […]

The Stellar Sega Genesis Mini Gets A Big Discount At Best Buy

With games like The Last of Us Part 2 being delayed and everyone spending more time at home, it’s a great time to dig through your backlog. It’s also a good opportunity to revisit classics and perhaps introduce them to younger players for the first time, too. If you haven’t snagged one yet, the Sega […]

Nintendo Direct Mini: Everything Revealed On March 26th

Nintendo barely gave us any time to scramble together a Direct recap this morning. Surprise uploading the 25-minute video to YouTube, there were a ton of announcements packed in for stuff no one even saw coming. It was obvious that Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition was around the corner, but a new Clubhouse Games?! If you […]