Everything you need to know about Wario

It’s often said that Wario is an enigma. Who says that? That’s not one of the questions we’re here to answer. It’s Wario Month here at Wariogon, and there are some burning questions out there about Wario. While he’s certainly the loudest and proudest of the overall-wearing citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom, there are some […]

Left 4 Dead doesn’t need spiritual successors, it needs updates

Nearly 12 years after the release of Left 4 Dead 2, the genre it popularized has crossed back into the spotlight. At E3 2021, and in the weeks after, studios and publishers have announced nearly half a dozen games inspired by Valve’s co-op shooter. But even after a decade of innovations that other developers could […]

Pokemon Games Need To Learn From Pokemon Go’s Loading Screen

If you played Pokemon Go during its initial height of popularity, you may remember the loading screen. We spent an extraordinary amount of time looking at our phones during the Pokemon Go boom, and for many of us, that first loading screen has helped define the nostalgia of this era. We see the minimalist take […]

Need a gaming monitor? These Prime Day deals should not be missed

Gaming on a standard 60Hz 1080p office monitor is fine-ish, but if you’ve never played on a true gaming monitor you have no idea what you’re missing. But today you can upgrade to a dreamy monitor on the cheap. For Prime Day 2021, Amazon has a bunch of monitors and other PC components on sale including […]

Biomutant: Everything You Need To Know About Psi-Powers

The way Psi-Powers actually work in Biomutant can seem like a bit of a mystery. All you have to do is save some random captive or pray at one of the many Psi Shrines found in the game, and suddenly you can unlock the ability to summon lightning from your hands and freeze enemies around […]

EA delists Need for Speed games from digital stores with little warning

Publisher Electronic Arts delisted five older Need for Speed games on Monday, citing the games’ impending retirement of online services. EA offered little warning about the Need for Speed games’ delisting, angering fans of the venerable racing series. The five delisted titles are Need for Speed: Carbon (2006), Need for Speed: Undercover (2008), Need for […]

Minecraft: Everything You Need To Know About The Daylight Cycle

In a sandbox survival and creative game like Minecraft, time actually plays quite an important role. In-game time serves as a way to make thousands of calculations for the player, and to determine how the environment responds and behaves in certain situations. That’s why understanding the daylight cycle is such a crucial and underrated part […]

PSA: You Need To Play The Mass Effect Games In Order

I envy everybody that is about to play the Mass Effect trilogy for the first time with the Legendary Edition. If I could wipe one series from my mind and play it over again fresh, it would be Mass Effect. However, I’m kind of glad that technology doesn’t exist, because then I wouldn’t know the […]

Pokemon Games Need To Learn From New Pokemon Snap’s Outaway Cave

Caves have been a staple of Pokemon since the very start. There are several caves in Pokemon Red & Blue, and there they serve a purpose. While the rest of the game is bright and vibrant – as bright and vibrant as handheld games could be in 1996 – the caves are dark and mysterious. […]

We Need A New Pokemon Colosseum ASAP

Everyone has their favourite Pokemon spinoff game. For some, it’s Mystery Dungeon, others prefer Snap, Stadium, or PokePark. They are all, however, wrong. Pokemon Colosseum is the best spinoff title in Pokemon history, and I really hope another one gets made. I don’t mean a remake or a remaster – though I would also welcome […]