Halo Community Update Teases Halo 4 MCC And Potential Crossplay

Halo’s latest community update is dense – covering esports competitions, Halo 4 flighting, Halo 5: Guardians’ birthday month, and even new armor from Halo Infinite.

First of all, the team is bringing Halo 4 to The Master Chief Collection. “Every eligible, registered Halo Insider” will be included in the upcoming flight this time around. The community update outlines the following steps to ensure you’re ready to rock when the time comes:

  • Register on aka.ms/HaloInsider
  • Verify the email address you’ve provided for communication
  • Opt-in to receive communications from us
  • Opt-in to Xbox and/or PC flights (whichever you want to participate in)
  • Link your Steam account (PC Flighting)
  • Upload/update your DxDiag (PC Flighting)

Regarding the evolution of the title for its MCC inclusion, “there should be plenty of new features and improvements – like the potential addition of crossplay – to get your hands on.” The update also confirmed that Halo 4 would be the final title to receive inclusion in MCC, so Halo 5: Guardians fans shouldn’t look forward to a revamp.

Otherwise, Halo Reach’s GRD helmet will finally be making its way into the collection and Grifball will be rotated into the featured playlist slot.

The update also provided the following links regarding the Halo 5 Pro Series and Halo 3 PC tournaments:

  • Halo 5 Pro Series (NA): Tournament Dates & Format | Register Online
  • Halo 5 Pro Series (LATAM, EMEA, & ANZ): Tournament Dates & Format | Register Online
  • Halo 3 PC: Tournament Dates & Format | Register Online

Cloud9 and Sentinels have already locked in their rosters for participation, but any team can sign up for free in the competitions. Various community events and contents are detailed, featuring streamers and prizes. Halo gear and giveaways were also given a spotlight, including this year’s already infamous Master Chief Halloween Costume.

Lastly, there was a small blurb on Halo Infinite. The game has officially partnered with Mondelez, and thus “picking up packs of your favorites Mondelez snacks with Master Chief on the box can help earn you some delicious looking in-game items for Halo Infinite.” The above Monarch armor set is among the rewards you can earn, with more to come. Oh, and 343 Industries blew stuff up to record realistic sounds for Infinite – check it out.

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