Valorant Act 3 will not have competitive mode at release – Daily Esports

Valorant announced via Twitter last night that competitive mode would be turned off for the start of Act 3. In the Act 3 update, the developers expressed their desire to have stable patches releases. This is the main reason why ranked will not be available at the launch of Act 3. According to Valorant, a […]

Relax, Microsoft’s Not Buying Sega (Or So It Says)

Earlier this week, Microsoft purchased ZeniMax Media in what is the largest acquisition in gaming history. This meant that the makers of Doom, Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls, now work for Microsoft. But don’t worry: Phil promised to be as hands-off as possible while everybody focuses on making great games. Considering how the Obsidian purchase went […]

Serious Sam 4 Review: Not Quite The Series Savior

Not exactly classic, but far from modern, the Serious Sam series has always existed in a strange place in the industry. Upon its release in 2001, most critics readily called it a throwback to the golden era of shooters. With most titles trying to emulate Half-Life and its more cinematic approach, Serious Sam felt stripped […]

Storage may not be exciting, but Pure Storage’s Portworx acquisition is

In today’s technology environment, storage vendors are often overlooked, taken for granted, and considered commoditized. Wall Street doesn’t show them much love, and their trading multiples are nothing to write home about. Storage is approximately a $24 billion market and shrinking. IDC estimates that global revenue for enterprise external OEM storage systems declined 5% year […]

FIFA 21 demo not happening this year confirms EA

Normally there’s always a free FIFA demo before each new game is released but not this year… A demo of the latest FIFA game is all part of the series’ pre-release tradition but just as real-world football has been forced to change by the pandemic, so too have video games. EA has confirmed that there’ll […]

JK Rowling not directly involved with Hogwarts Legacy, still getting royalties

As if aware of the backlash, Warner Bros. has clarified that JK Rowling is not involved with the newly announced Harry Potter game. Wednesday’s PlayStation 5 showcase saw the rumoured Harry Potter game finally make an appearance, officially titled Hogwarts Legacy. While the announcement has been received incredibly well by diehard Potter fans, many consider […]

PS5 Delay Not Happening, Sony Marketing Exec Assures

The recent relative silence around Sony’s PlayStation 5 has proved frustrating for some fans. But if you were worried about issues ahead then fear not; a PS5 delay isn’t on the cards. Eric Lempel, SVP and head of global marketing at Sony Interactive Entertainment, said as much in an interview with this week. Speaking […]

In-app ads are not the Dark Side

This article is part of a Gaming Insights series paid for by Facebook.  Alongside the disruptions of 2020, gamers play on. And they continue to engage with ads. Industry data increasingly shows that ads complement in-app purchase revenue without a negative impact on retention or experience. As a result, more game studios are integrating player-friendly […]

Call Of Duty 2020 still not announced but mystery boxes hint at 1950s setting

The locked crates that fans hoped would reveal this year’s new Call Of Duty have only raised more questions, as the analysis goes on… It seemed like today might finally be the day but in the end this year’s Call Of Duty still wasn’t announced and there’s now no clue when to expect its reveal. […]