New Star Wars: The Old Republic Content To Be Revealed During Upcoming Livestream

BioWare is teasing its latest Star Wars: The Old Republic livestream for the upcoming 6.3 update. With today’s small teaser ahead of the streaming event and fans can’t wait to see the continuation of the Darth Malgus arc.  The official Star Wars: The Old Republic Twitter account shared a small teaser video, equipped with epic music […]

The 3DS Is Ten Years Old, And We Should All Miss It

It has been ten years since the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, and for a while I thought I wouldn’t mourn it, but it turns out I have. According to Nintendo’s website, the last first-party 3DS game released was Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn back in early 2019. It’s pretty safe to say that the 3DS […]

Old school PS1 games that deserve a reboot on PS5 – Reader's Feature

A reader lists six classic PlayStation exclusives that they think should be revived for the next gen, including WipEout and G-Police. The news that Sony has a secret development studio working on revamping mothballed old classics was catnip to my ears. It seems very likely that the first game they bring back will be Uncharted, […]

Black Ops Cold War leaks: Old Prestige system not returning

There are certainly a number of changes that fans didn’t like about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. However, one of the changes that caused more of a stir than others was the removal of the Prestige system. The feature was in every Call of Duty since the original Modern Warfare in 2007, and fans didn’t […]