Old School RuneScape Expands Isle Of Souls With New Areas, Monsters, And Amenities

The world of Old School RuneScape gets a bit bigger today, as Jagex has expanded the Isle of Souls. The additions follow hot on the heels of last month’s community poll and will see the addition of a new dungeon, monsters, and various resources to the now-bustling island.

Jagex said its latest update to Old School RuneScape will let you “fully explore the Isle of Souls.” The island’s renovation is absolutely staggering – here’s a quick rundown of the biggest changes:

  • Added maple, yew, teak, and mahogany trees
  • Added clay copper, tin, iron, silver, gold, coal, and mithril rocks
  • Added net/harpoon, net/bait, and cage/harpoon fishing spots
  • Added hunter spots for crimson swifts, copper longtails, and grey chincompas
  • Added flax, water source, and anvil
  • Added rare impling spawn

You’ll also have the option to build a spinning wheel and pottery wheel to help out with a bit of crafting.

There are several monsters now roaming the island, including sand crabs, moss giants, and pyrelords. Konar is taking full advantage of the new creatures, and will now be assigning Slayer Tasks for monsters on the island.

If you’re looking for more challenging prey, you can dive into a new dungeon on the eastern side of the Isle of Souls. Here you’ll find skeletons, lesser demons, greater demons, blue dragons, iron dragons, and more. This is also where you’ll find runite and adamantite rocks, along with a chest that requires 28 Thieving to open.

Finally, the update has added forgotten souls to the crumbling tower. These creatures are counted as ghosts for Slayer Tasks and spectral creatures for the Ectoplasmator. Dive into the tower’s basement and you’ll find a chest that requires a Dark Key. Find and open the chest, and you’ll be rewarded with 1,500 Thieving XP.

Old School RuneScape saw a few other changes with this update – a full list can be found on its official website. The game will also be coming to Steam on February 24.

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