Planet Zoo Africa DLC Overview: Adorable Animals And Amazing Scenery

The latest DLC for Planet Zoo is the Africa Pack and it contains five new animals, a timed scenario, and a range of North African themed scenery items including buildings, fountains, and foliage. After the Southeast Asia Animal Pack, this new launch marks a return to the expected format for DLC, rather than being focused […]

Every Planet In Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Ranked

Ratchet and Clank is a game series well known for its weapons, but another aspect that often gets tons of praise is the different planets you get to explore and discover throughout your journey. Fortunately, nothing has changed on that end in Rift Apart, which has many incredible locations to dig into and enjoy. There […]

Planet Zoo Lets You Compare Meerkats In New Africa Pack

Frontier has announced the Africa Pack for Planet Zoo. This new DLC adds five new animals, a timed scenario, and a huge range of themed scenery to the game. You’ll find the Meerkat, Southern White Rhino, African Penguin, and Fennec Fox all ready to enter habitats, while the Sacred Scarab Beetle is a unique addition […]

Planet Zoo’s Update Brings Vista Points, A New Scenario, And More Deep Swimming

Frontier has just announced an update coming to Planet Zoo on June 22. it includes deep swimming support for several bears, a new vista point feature, expanded sandbox options, custom audio speakers, a timed scenario, and more. Here’s everything you can expect from the free 1.6 update. Bears are getting some love with the Polar […]

Planet of Lana is a stunning hand-painted adventure

Planet of Lana is a beautiful new cinematic puzzle adventure game from the Swedish indie studio, Wishfully. It was announced during Summer Games Fest kick-off event on Thursday. The story follows Lana, and her animal companion as they embark on a mission to save Lana’s sister. Their planet — which used to be a place […]

Planet Zoo Expands Further With Southeast Asia Pack And Free 1.5 Update

For Planet Zoo players looking for a new challenge, Frontier is about to deliver. On March 30 it’s releasing the latest free update, Update 1.5 and it’s a big one. There are several highly requested new features as well as some quality of life changes. You even get to play in Bernie’s first zoo! This […]

Planet Zoo: 11 Most Popular Animal Attractions (& 4 Least Popular)

There are so many animals that were included in Planet Zoo, but some are better than others. All animals have a rating that tells you how popular they will be in your zoo. There are some that rise above the rest, and others that might be considered a bit of a letdown. Everyone hopes to buy […]

Planet Zoo Aquatic: Guide To Creating The Perfect Penguin Enclosure

Frontier’s zoo management simulator, Planet Zoo, enables players to take on the challenge of running their very own zoo. There are places to rebuild, renovate, and run as well as opportunities to build from the ground up. Each zoo you make will be home to animals that need to be kept in good conditions. The […]

Planet Zoo Aquatic Pack Overview: Pick Up A Penguin

The Aquatic Pack for Planet Zoo brings you five brand new aquatic animals, a water-themed zoo that you can play as a sandbox game or timed challenge, and of course a lot of new scenery pieces. The contents are very similar to other Planet Zoo DLC packs, which all offer a range of themed scenery, […]