Humble Bundle Launches Sale That Celebrates Female Protagonists

Humble Bundle is always ready to release big, money-saving packs and sales that are filled to the brim with worthwhile titles. December is no different, as a new collection of offers is up for grabs dubbed the ‘Female Protagonist’ Humble Bundle, featuring the likes of Jill Valentine and Lara Croft. Control Ultimate Edition is half-price; […]

Celeste Is Finally On Sale For $7.99, As Well As Over 800 Other Games

Heart-warming indie platformer Celeste has been charming players everywhere for two years, and now can do so for cheaper than ever before. For the first time since its release in early 2018, Celeste is on sale, joining a whopping 800 other titles currently on sale according to this list on Resetera. A very useful soul out there […]

PC Games Sale Offers Flash Deals On Steam During Amazon Prime Day

PC game store Fanatical has brought back its Insanity Sale, offering steep discounts on Steam games during Amazon Prime Day. Games in the sale include Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Blasphemous, Metro Exodus, and Payday 2. The Insanity sale lasts for the next day or so, with discounts only lasting 24 hours from the time they start. […]

Massive Tech Sale Discounts Graphics Cards And Gaming PCs During Amazon Prime Day

After a COVID-related delay, Amazon Prime Day 2020 is here at last. While Amazon itself is offering tons of deals on games and more, there are also other retailers hosting sales of their own during the 48-hour event. One of those is PC-focused online retailer Newegg; through its “FantasTech” and “Gametober” sales, you’ll be able […]

Big PC Games Sale Offers Flash Deals On Steam Games Ahead Of Amazon Prime Day

PC game store Fanatical has brought back its Insanity Sale this week with steep discounts on Steam games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Blasphemous, Metro Exodus, and Payday 2. The timing is certainly conspicuous, as the sale will overlap with Amazon Prime Day 2020 (which launches tomorrow, October 13). The Insanity sale lasts for 48 hours, […]

Huge Target Sale To Compete With Amazon's Prime Day 2020

Target is usually keen to steal Amazon’s thunder when it comes to huge sales, which ends up benefitting shoppers in the long run. Two days after Amazon officially confirmed Prime Day 2020, Target has announced a major sale of its own. Target Deal Days returns this year with a blowout sale offering online deals on […]

Best Buy Black Friday Sale Launches Next Week, Colliding With Amazon Prime Day

Best Buy is joining the anti-Prime Day sale party in a big way by making dozens of deals from its Black Friday ad available early. Running concurrently with Amazon Prime Day on October 13 and 14, Best Buy’s early Black Friday deals will feature 4K TVs, laptops, and more. Yes, Black Friday deals are starting […]

Major Walmart Sale To Offer Black Friday-Type Deals Starting This Sunday

With Amazon Prime Day right around the corner, retailers have begun revealing promotions that will compete with the massive annual sale. Target’s Deal Days sale will run concurrently alongside Prime Day on October 13 and 14. Walmart’s approach is a tad different, as the big-box chain’s sale starts earlier and ends later than Prime Day. […]

Nintendo Switch Games On Sale For $40 Are Becoming Way More Common

Nintendo games, especially first-party titles, are notorious for sticking around $60 for years after release, only seeing significant discounts during major sales like Black Friday and Prime Day. However, that situation seems to be changing, at least for select first-party Switch games and pricey ports. For the past several months, games like Super Mario Bros. […]

PSVR Game Sale Features Some Of The Platform's Best Games

Though Sony regularly hosts PS4 game sales on the PlayStation Store, it’s not often that PSVR games are a focus. Sure, Sony occasionally tosses in a VR game or two in its regular sales, but it’s typically slim pickings. If you’re a PSVR owner looking for some great deals, you’re in luck. The PlayStation VR […]