Sea Of Thieves: Adventure Vs Arena, What’s The Difference?

Sea of Thieves offers two game modes, The Adventure and The Arena. But what do they both entail, and how do they differ? The short answer is The Adventure serves as the game’s story mode, packed with activities and things to explore. The Arena is set up for players to test their skills against one another in multi-crew competitions. But […]

Fnatic take the lead in the SEA DPC League with another IO carry

Southeast Asia’s Dota Pro Circuit League Season One continued today as the second week of action kicked off with Fnatic and Execration closing out the day. After TNC Predator made swift work of Vice Esports, claiming their first win in the SEA DPC League, it was all eyes on Fnatic to see if they could […]

Sea Of Thieves: How To Get Free Ancient Coins From Ancient Skeletons

If there’s one thing you should expect to be able to do as a pirate in a game like Sea Of Thieves its to plunder and steal all the coins you can carry. But, as a game as a service title, the developers have included various types of currencies into the game, the most valuable of them […]

Sea Of Thieves Season One Kicks Off This Week

Rare announced seasonal progression was coming to Sea of Thieves during a big December update, and now we’re on the cusp of it kicking off. Season One sets sail on January 28, and for the next three months, players can engage in new activities to earn exclusive rewards, both free and paid. Rare also released a helpful primer video detailing exactly […]

SEA's DPC League has its schedule confirmed

With just a few days remaining until the Southeast Asia Dota 2 Pro Circuit League Season 1 kicks off for both the upper and lower division, PGL have confirmed the series for the first four weeks of action. The first regional League system for the DPC is just around the corner for the SEA region, […]

Netflix's The Witcher Season 2 Script Page Revealed

Despite several COVID-related setbacks, injuries, and recastings, Netflix’s The Witcher season 2 is back in full swing. On the official Netflix’s The Witcher website, it’s been a days-long celebration of the show, invoking the “law of surprise” regarding what the team reveals. The latest showing has to do with a script page from the upcoming […]

Sea of Thieves is getting seasons and a battle pass in 2021

Rare has posted its final update of the year for Sea of Thieves, announcing that the pirate sandbox game will look very different in 2021. In January, players will log in to see a seasonal progression system, with each season lasting three months. This will be a big change from the current model, which brings […]

Netflix's The Witcher Season 2 Set Photo Reveals Much-Improved Nilfgaard Armor

Netflix’s The Witcher season one did a lot of things right but one of the features that the company got absolutely wrong was that awful-looking Nilfgaardian armor. Luckily, season two offers a second chance and the latest season two set picture shows off a much-improved armor for this particular army. The original armor in season […]

Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 release date confirmed

In what could be for the final time, Activision has released the trailer for the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone season. The sixth, and reportedly last, installment for Modern Warfare, Activision looks to be going all out. There are already two new Operators confirmed for the season as well as a couple […]