5 Tips to Help You Get Motivated When You Aren’t Feeling It

When we fail to be successful at something, we usually think we aren’t smart enough for that task or goal, or we lack crucial skills that can make us better at something. But, usually, it seems like we don’t trust in ourselves enough, especially when we aren’t motivated for something. Our motivation depends on a […]

DISGAEA RPG: 10 Essential Tips For Netherworld Newcomers (Sponsored)

Boltrend Games and Forwardworks have brought the belovedly zany JRPG franchise to iOS and Android devices with DISGAEA RPG, a new entry in the series which is now available across all manner of mobile devices. It maintains many of the series epic hallmarks while introducing a number of fascinating new mechanics. Whether you’re a seasoned […]

Dishonored: Tips For Fighting With Your Sword

After Arkane was purchased by Bethesda, they put out one of the most surprising and lauded games of the last decade. Dishonored reinvigorated, and reinvented stealth-action games wonderfully. There are many ways a player can dive into this world, but, unless they’re an expert stealth player, a swordfight will be a strong possibility, somewhere along […]

Valheim: 10 Tips For Playing Solo

Valheim’s solo experience is intoxicating, like downing a huge jug of delicious Viking mead. Getting lost in the wilderness, watching out for falling trees, and spending longer than you should on designing the ideal base are all part of the experience. Do you know what’s also part of the experience? Dying. Playing as a solo […]

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Finish for Your Interior

Finishing interior jobs is never an easy task. By the time it comes to it you have already lost a lot of time and money. But, you would be surprised just how much can be accomplished with little paint and with not all of that much money and time. Painting one room is not usually […]

10 Tips To Get You Started In Prey

You might’ve noticed that we here at TheGamer have been getting back into Prey since it came to Game Pass. One thing you might notice if you start playing it yourself is that Prey isn’t an easy game. It can be downright brutal in the first few hours as you figure out how exactly the […]

Oblivion Tips And Tricks For Players Coming From Skyrim

So, you’ve seen that Oblivion is now available to download on Game Pass and you’re curious about what Bethesda was up to before Skyrim. That’s great! Oblivion is an excellent game (I reckon it’s better than Skyrim) and you’ll probably have a blast with it. That being said, Oblivion is also pretty different to the […]

5 Tips for Furnishing Your Outdoor Space

Depending on where you live, the occasional warm days may have already begun. Those warm days are still rare because winter is still going on, but they are enough to remind you that you need to start thinking about your outdoor space again. Those days also serve to remind you that when the hot days […]

10 Tips To Make An Overpowered Sorcerer In Dungeons and Dragons

The Sorcerer class has always been in a balanced place as the intermediary between the Warlock and the Wizard. Versatility is the key to this class, and if managed and developed correctly, it can be an overwhelming force at any party. The roleplaying options are also interesting as the Sorcerer’s powers are inherent and connected […]

6 Tips for Buying High-Quality Furniture

People do not renovate their furniture collection every day, so knowing certain tips and tricks proves its usefulness when it comes to a purchase. Therefore, it is vital to be familiar with what features to ask from a product in order to enjoy it for longer periods. It is out of the question that you […]