Chivalry 2: 10 Tips For New Players

Chivalry 2 is a brutal and intense online medieval warfare game featuring punishing combat. Newcomers to the series are both in for a treat and a tough time due to the steep barrier of entry. This is most certainly not a game that you can casually jump into and expect to button mash your way to victory. While that might be fun, it won’t get your very far when coming up against skilled players.

Chivalry 2 rewards thoughtful and strategic play as well as focusing on working with your team of Agatha Knights or Masons. While this sequel features many of the same combat and gameplay elements as the first game, Chivalry 2 ups the ante in terms of challenging melee-focused combat. These tips will hopefully provide you with an extra advantage when taking to the battlefield.

Make Sure You Go Through The Tutorial

Chivalry 2 is a challenging medieval action game that depends a lot on the player. Fortunately, the game offers a robust tutorial section that really teaches you the ins and outs of movement, fighting techniques, blocking, dodging, and everything in between.

  • Chivalry 2 has a lot more depth and nuance than its predecessor and this tutorial takes you through the ropes, even including a fight against two other opponents at once to test your skills before moving on.

While it’s always tempting to skip the tutorial to simply get right into the action, it’s not recommended, even for fans of the first game.

Practice With Offline Matches

While it might be tempting to jump right into online matchmaking after completing the tutorial, it would be advisable to start with a couple of offline matches against bots. These bots are not a pushover in offline modes.

  • There are a lot of mechanics to get to grips with in Chivarly 2 including differing game modes and maps.

By trying out the offline modes first, you will be able to get comfortable with fighting, capturing objectives, and working as a team. The bots can give you an opportunity to work on your fighting techniques, as well as getting used to the first-person or third-person camera, depending on your preference.

Experiment With Different Character Classes

Chivalry 2 features a robust character class selection from Vanguards to Footmen to Knights and the like. Each character class plays vastly differently, mostly down to weapon type and character speed. It will take a while to figure out which class is right for you so experimenting is key to success in this game.

Also, each match can only have a certain number of any given class. For example, many matches have a plethora of archers since they can hold back enemy forces with less risk.

Tip: It’s a great strategy to have a couple of go-to classes just in case your preferred one isn’t available in a given match.

Try Out All Games Modes To Find What You Are Good At

Chivalry 2 offers a decent selection of game modes at launch. While more modes may be added down the line, there are some interesting ones to try out, including some standard type modes such as deathmatch. One of the best parts of Chivalry 2 is the option to play in large 64 or 40-player matches.

These deathmatch or objective-based large-scale modes are downright intense and play out like a scene from a massive medieval action movie. Like character classes, not every game mode will fit every type of player, so it’s encouraged to try each of them to find your favorites.

Learn The Art Of Dragging

Dragging in Chivalry 2 is essentially timing the swinging of your weapon with the turning of your hips to ensure a wider, more robust attack. This may sound very simple in premise but ends up being a major pillar to successful, strategic combat in the game.

Fortunately, the tutorial does a great job of teaching you dragging for each of the main weapon attacks, slash, overhead, and stab. While the game can be played in either first-person or third-person, it’s much easier to focus on dragging when attacking in the first-person view. Be sure to master this technique to be a better player.

Master All Three Main Weapon Attacks

Chivalry 2 features a lot of combat elements. It can be an overwhelming experience for newcomers because this isn’t just some run-of-the-mill melee-focused game, instead relying on mastering each move.

The three main weapon attacks in Chivalry 2 are:

  • Slash – Good for basic attacks
  • Overhead – Useful for a more powerful attack
  • Stab – Helps get in some damage with more finesse

Each of these weapon attacks varies a bit in terms of speed and damage depending on the type of weapon you are using. Chivalry 2 features a plethora of different weapons depending on the character class.

Blocking Is Essential

One of the best strategies for you to learn early on is blocking. It may seem obvious for a game like this, but it’s a skill that many people forget to utilize during intense matches. Blocking is essential to survival, especially when coming up against more proficient players.

Blocking absorbs almost all of the damage you would take otherwise and also leads to other moves such as the parry. If you gain the mastery of blocking, you can then strategically take on multiple opponents at once. By blocking a major blow, you can then follow it up with a dragging slash in order to damage multiple foes at once.

Learn To Riposte Early And Often

For those that are unfamiliar, a riposte happens when you successfully block and parry an attack to then follow it up with your own attack. This is no easy feat though and requires a lot of coordination, especially when multiple people are attacking at once.

One of the best reasons to learn to riposte early on is that it can more effectively lead to combo attacks. The riposte is taught quite early on in the tutorial to ensure players understand its necessity. Since combo attacks often interrupt other players’ actions, the riposte is the perfect setup.

Avoid Team Damage – Practice Your Skills

Okay, this tip should be quite obvious but it’s certainly worthy of bringing up as a gameplay tip because many online multiplayer experiences don’t have team damage. You can easily damage your teammates in Chivalry 2 which will most certainly hinder your chances of winning.

Battles in this game get very hectic and in the thick of the fight, it can be hard to distinguish between friend and foe. As you naturally get better at slashing, stabbing, and overhead attacking, accidentally damaging teammates should lessen. Just make sure to be careful when swinging that blade around.

Learn Each Map’s Layout

Chivalry 2 features a pretty impressive assortment of medieval-themed maps to play on. Most of these maps are quite large and it can be easy to get lost if you don’t have your wits about you. It’s essential to get the layout of each map because most of them have hidden pathways and shortcuts which can make a huge difference in a battle.

For example, one map features a large bridge that most of the skirmishes take place on, however, on either side of the bridge are tunnels and ladders which can be used to flank your opponents.

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