Baidu debuts updated AI framework and R&D initiative

Elevate your enterprise data technology and strategy at Transform 2021. At its bi-annual deep learning conference, Wave Summit, Baidu announced version 2.1 of PaddlePaddle, the company’s framework for AI and machine learning model development. Among the highlights are a large-scale graph query engine, four pretrained models, and PaddleFlow, a cloud-based suite of machine learning developer […]

Minecraft Studio Gets Updated Name To Reflect Expansion

Minecraft developer Mojang is moving into the new decade with a new name–or at least a very slightly revised one. The company has been opening more offices around the world as it expands its focus beyond the popular freeform creation game. As a result, it has changed its name from Mojang to Mojang Studios, with […]

Doom 1 And 2 Updated To 1.0.6, Adding 30 New Levels On Consoles, Mobile, And PC

Doom and Doom II, which were launched on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One last year (alongside Doom 3), have received another substantial update. The new update adds the No End In Sight expansion to both games, which provides another 30 levels for your Doom Marine to shoot, rip, and tear their way through. This update […]

Gears 5 Was Updated For Xbox Series X In Just Two Weeks

One of Microsoft’s biggest claims for the Xbox Series X (the next iteration of Xbox) is that porting over older games will be a breeze. Since everything on the Xbox One platform is built with the same architecture, developers should theoretically have a simple time updating their titles for the newest console. Developer The Coalition, […]