Doom 1 And 2 Updated To 1.0.6, Adding 30 New Levels On Consoles, Mobile, And PC

Doom and Doom II, which were launched on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One last year (alongside Doom 3), have received another substantial update. The new update adds the No End In Sight expansion to both games, which provides another 30 levels for your Doom Marine to shoot, rip, and tear their way through.

This update is coming to the mobile and PC versions of the game, too. Doom I and II’s relaunch came with invasive DRM originally, but it has since been removed, and the games have received several free expansions. No End In Sight is generally well-regarded as a challenging, deep expansion on Doom, so players who feel like they have mastered these classics will be able to truly prove themselves by beating it.

The 1.0.6 update, announced by Bethesda, adds various other fixes and changes to the game. Here’s the full list of everything in the update.

Audio Updates

  • The Audio has been overhauled, and positional audio should now work in all cases.
  • Sound distance falloff is now accurately using the same volume ranges from the original DOS release.
  • Objects that make consecutive sounds (such as the Chaingunner’s gun firing) will now correctly interrupt each other.

Add-On Specific Updates

  • Chainsaw firing in Add-ons has been fixed to its original optimal buzz.
  • Sounds at 22khz (such as the Double Barrel Shotgun) now play correctly in Add-ons.
  • In the Add-on “No Rest for the Living”, Hell levels now use the correct hell sky texture.
  • Add-ons that are made up of multiple episodes can now be selected correctly.


  • Fixed stalls that may occur when quick loading the game several times in a row when Add-ons are active.


  • Quick Load and Save can now be bound from Customize Controls and will work without pausing the game.
  • Automap colors have been changed. It will now clearly mark doors, and keyed doors using red, yellow, blue, or white lines, making it quicker to find parts of the map that are unexplored.
  • Automap is drawn with pixel doubling to increase visibility and fix issues with lines disappearing.
  • Kills, items, and secrets are now shown on the automap during gameplay.

Performance Optimization

  • Quick Load now loads quicker by skipping the screen wipe animation when loading a game.
  • Minor rendering optimizations.

The latest Doom game, Doom Eternal, is available now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia. A Nintendo Switch version is being worked on but does not yet have an exact release date.

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