Resident Evil Village DLC Is Confirmed In Development

Today, Capcom revealed that a DLC expansion is coming for Resident Evil Village. Capcom’s inaugural E3 showcase offered a wide range of updates for new and upcoming games, including Monster Hunter Rise, Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, and Pragmata. Luckily for Resident Evil fans, we got a lot of new information about upcoming titles Resident Evil 4 VR, […]

Resident Evil Village: 10 Things You Never Knew About Heisenberg

Resident Evil Village is brimming with memorable villains. Every big bad you come across has its own distinct personality, abilities, and motivations. It is impressive to see such fleshed-out characters in a game you can beat in about eight hours. The last of the four lords you fight is Heisenberg, a scientist with the impressive […]

Resident Evil Village Has Completely Sold Me On HDR

While 4K resolution and HDR color are hardly new inventions, I wasn’t sold on them in the past generation. Be it because 4K displays were too expensive or HDR wasn’t really expressive enough, it took the recent release of Resident Evil Village to show me how substantial an improvement HDR can make to a game. […]

Resident Evil 8 Village: All Treasure Map Locations And Rewards

Introduced alongside in-game currency in Resident Evil 4, treasure could be found all throughout the game and sold to the Merchant for a sizable payout. Resident Evil 7 introduced treasure photos hidden around the Baker Estate, but treasure as fans knew it in RE4 was distinctly absent. This made it all the more surprising when […]

Resident Evil 8 Village: Find The Luthier’s Key For Maestro’s Collection

If you’re attempting to clear out the Village area of all its treasures – using our guide, I hope – then you will inevitably come across the Luthier’s House, which is locked up tight, and the key is nowhere in the nearby area. You can see on your map that there’s certainly some hidden treasure […]

Resident Evil 8 Village Mercenaries: Tips To Get SS Rank And Higher

Resident Evil 8 Village has brought back a classic Resident Evil game mode that was conspicuously absent from Resident Evil 7. Yes, the Mercenaries mode is back, and it brings with it plenty of opportunities to slay hordes of lycan enemies and rack up huge combos and points. The Mercenaries mode in RE8 Village differs […]

Resident Evil 8 Village: All Labyrinth Puzzle And Ball Locations

In Resident Evil 8 Village there are dozens of treasures to find, puzzles to solve, and you are very likely to miss a fair few of them on your first run through the game. The Labyrinth Puzzles and their associated balls are just one of the hidden items you can find if you scrub through […]

Resident Evil 8 Village: Juicy Game Location

Ethan Winters, somehow, does not die. I don’t understand why, but the man can have his limbs torn off regularly, and he can reattach them with just some staples of a bit of healing juice. It’s doesn’t take much, and it’s this tenacity that has carried him into Resident Evil 8 Village, where his healing […]

Resident Evil Village Cosplayer Does ASMR In Full Lady Dimitrescu Cosplay

Lady Dimitrescu stole the show when Capcom first revealed Resident Evil Village and now that the game is out, that love hasn’t slowed. While other aspects of the game are finally getting their time to shine, that Tall Vampire Lady fervor hasn’t slowed one bit. We’ve previously shared an incredibly accurate cosplay of this particular […]

Resident Evil Village: 10 Best Mods

As if Resident Evil Village wasn’t crazy enough, now there are tons of hilarious or frightening mods for it. Even before the launch of the highly anticipated subsequent entry in the Resident Evil universe, the modding community was already hard at work. The exclusive timed demo for Village offered eager fans a premature chance to delve […]