Resident Evil 8 Village: Find The Luthier’s Key For Maestro’s Collection

If you’re attempting to clear out the Village area of all its treasures – using our guide, I hope – then you will inevitably come across the Luthier’s House, which is locked up tight, and the key is nowhere in the nearby area. You can see on your map that there’s certainly some hidden treasure in the Luthier’s House, called the Maestro’s Collection, in addition to a few other bonuses. But it’s very easy to never collect the key and miss this area entirely.

In this guide we’re going to break down exactly where you can find the Luthier’s Key in Resident Evil 8 Village, so you can get inside the Luthier’s House and collect all the treasure you need. There is one item in here that is necessary for unlocking all of those extras in the Extra Content Shop under Bonuses, so if you are interested in getting Infinite Ammo for your variety of weapons, this is the best, and only, way to get it for one particular weapon.

How To Find The Luthier’s Key In RE8 Village

The Luthier’s Key is actually in a fairly obvious place in RE8 Village, although it’s still very easy to miss. When heading towards Beneviento’s Grave from the Village, take your first right to find a small shack with a nearby well. Inside the shack you’ll find a typewriter save point, and the Luthier’s Key will be sat right next to it – yep, as easy as that.

This house is very easy to miss the first time around, but keep your eyes peeled and you’ll be shocked that you ever missed it in the first place. The keyring will have a small cello or violin attached, which hints at what house it opens. By the way, a luthier is a person that make and repairs string instruments, such as violins and guitars. You’ll see more evidence of that inside the Luthier’s House.

How To Find The Treasures Inside The Luthier’s House In RE8 Village

The Luthier’s House is now finally accessible, and it’s easy to find thanks to the treasure box on the map that you won’t have crossed off the list yet. It’s in West Old Town, South of the Maiden of War statue in the village’s centre.

Once you reach the Luthier’s House you can use the key to enter, and there’s a treasure, but it’s inside a locked wardrobe, and you’ll need to investigate the surrounding area in order to find the code for the combination lock. This combination lock is similar to the one you will find in House Beneviento’s basement, and will require six digits in order to open – but yes, the answer is in the house.

Look on the wall in the kitchen area, and you’ll find a child’s drawing which reads “Happy Birthday.” The code is written in the picture.

Luthier’s House Wardrobe Combination Lock Code

  • 270917

You can use this code on the combination lock to get into the wardrobe, and once inside you’ll immediately see the Steel Hraesvelgr treasure, in addition to the F2 Rifle – High-Capacity Mag. This item is essential for unlocking the Infinite Ammo mod for the F2 Rifle.

While you’re in the Luthier’s House, make sure to look around and shoot one of the instruments hanging from the ceiling to find an extra crystal treasure to sell to the Duke.

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