Arkane Explained Why Deathloop Doesn’t Have A New Game Plus Mode

Deathloop is expected to be yet another Arkane Studios classic that gives plenty of opportunities and freedom in achieving your goals. At the same time, the project will stand apart from many other games as it won’t offer some features players may be already used to. One of them will be a New Game Plus […]

Why company culture is the foundation of your company’s growth (VB Live)

Presented by TriNet How do you create a company culture that empowers your employees to grow and gives you a competitive edge? Learn how to build a positive environment, align your culture with your org’s values and goals, and more in the first of this three-part webinar series, The Employee Experience: From Recruitment to Retention. […]

4 Key Reasons Why Bitcoin Prices Have Recently Ralled

Whether you like it or not, digital currencies have managed to survive. Many people were skeptical and they believed that Bitcoin and other altcoins are only a scam. However, today, the number of people that are willing to invest is rapidly growing. That is probably the reason why many beginners are trying to save enough […]

Last Of Us Player Wonders Why Joel Was Working So Late On His Birthday

Someone on the Resetera forums is reflecting on the first Last of Us game, and came to one conclusion: it sure is weird that Joel was working until midnight. What resulted was a fun (once you get past the depressing reality) chain of comments reflecting on the nature of American capitalism and single parenting. It […]

Why today feels like a quiet turning point for video games

Industry-changing shifts are easier to spot in hindsight, long after hundreds of little decisions steered video games into a new epoch. The parallel rise of downloadable content, post-launch patches, and in-app purchases happened over years. Today is different. A significant amount of change is happening all at once, and you can see it in real […]

Opinion: Why We Must Open the Doors for Young Women to Participate in Esports

In this opinion piece, CSL Esports Marketing and Social Media Manager Haleigh Durkin talks about the ongoing challenges of making esports more welcoming and safe for women and girls and what we can do about it as an industry. Have you grown into someone your younger self would have respected? The question lingers in my […]

Why I Hope I Never Find My Copy Of Okage: Shadow King Despite How Much I Loved It

Just about 20 years ago, Okage: Shadow King—developed by Zener Works—was released for the PlayStation 2. A few years after that, I played through the game several times, lost it, and have never played it again since. Have you ever experienced something magical in your life that you find yourself wishing you could go back […]

Why machine learning struggles with causality

Join Transform 2021 for the most important themes in enterprise AI & Data. Learn more. When you look at a baseball player hitting the ball, you can make inferences about causal relations between different elements. For instance, you can see the bat and the baseball player’s arm moving in unison, but you also know that […]

Why Can’t Blizzard Figure Out Its Esports Scene?

News that Activision Blizzard chopped its esports division by 50 employees recently is unfortunate, but at the same time, unsurprising and yet another sign that the company has again failed to understand the esports market. Reports indicate that the move mostly affects both the Overwatch and Call of Duty Leagues, but the past few years […]

Why Yakuza 0 Has The Best Opening Theme Of All Time

Duh-dun-dun – whackawhew! That’s my acapella rendition of the first four notes of the Yakuza 0 opening theme, AKA the best intro track for any video game ever. Believe me, I pay an outrageous amount of attention to this sort of thing – Persona 5’s Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There comes remarkably close […]