5 Reasons Why Chinese Fashion is Becoming so Popular in Europe

In 2019, we’ve witnessed that China has become the biggest fashion market in the world. For a good number of years before that, this spot was reserved for the United States. However, that doesn’t mean that the Chinese market wasn’t as developed in the years before that. It remained at a solid second place in […]

Pruning Trees: Why Should You Let the Pros Do the Work?

Pruning trees is the process of cleaning dead and possibly diseased parts of a tree. If you have grown trees before, you have probably noticed the branches that grow back into the roots of the tree and further away from the leader branch. Pruning is the process of cutting these branches off to ensure that […]

Why You Should Buy PS5 And Xbox Series X/S

The launch of new consoles is always exciting. Not only does new hardware feel great to connect to your TV for the first time, but it also unlocks the potential for the games we’ll collectively experience over the next several years. With the new hardware just over the horizon, I reached out to both PlayStation and […]

Apex Legends Dev Explains Why Loba Won’t Be Getting A Huge Buff

Apex Legends game designer Daniel Klein has explained why thieving legend Loba won’t be getting a huge buff any time soon. In a Reddit post detailing the Aftermarket Collection event patch notes, the developer replies to multiple fans asking for a boost to Loba’s abilities. Klein states that some legends are held back to maintain […]

Why Black Ops Cold War needs a good Ranked mode to be successful

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War open beta releases tomorrow and fans will finally get to see a fuller side of multiplayer. While the alpha test was great for what it was, the open beta will reveal more of what Treyarch has been working on. Of course, not everything that will arrive at […]

Here's Why PlayStation Is Using Astro Bot In A Non-VR Game

Since his debut in 2016’s Playroom VR, Astro Bot has become something of a mascot for Sony’s PSVR headset. So why’s he showing up in a non-VR game? https://youtube.com/watch?v=lu5VXrEqgco%3Ffeature%3Doembed%26%23038%3Bshowinfo%3D0%26%23038%3Brel%3D0%26%23038%3Bmodestbranding%3D1%26%23038%3Biv_load_policy%3D3%26%23038%3Bplaysinline%3D1%26%23038%3Benablejsapi%3D1 If you missed the news, Astro’s Playroom is a free PS5 launch title that comes installed on every console. It’s a third-person platformer just like 2018’s […]

Tell Me Why – How To Fix The Fuse Box

As a primarily narrative-focused game, the puzzles in Tell Me Why generally don’t impose a large enough hurdle that your progress is halted for more than a minute or two. In chapter two, however, there is one puzzle that is a bit more difficult than any of the others the game will throw at you, and […]

8 Reasons Why You Might Need a New Rug

Rugs are usually overlooked when thinking about interior design, but the truth is, they are probably one of the most important parts of any room. Because of how forgetful they might be, people often don’t pay them much attention and sometimes don’t even notice when it’s time to replace them. Here are eight reasons why […]

Here's Why xCloud Isn't On iOS Devices

Microsoft’s xCloud recently exited its testing phase and is now available to Android users with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but the service isn’t available to iOS users at all. This followed an abruptly cut short test on iOS that only included one game as opposed to the several options Android users had. But this isn’t […]

Why You Should Play The Mass Effect Trilogy (If You Haven't Already)

With the rampant rumors and leaks pointing to a Mass Effect Trilogy remaster, longtime fans could finally have their chance to play a more optimized Mass Effect experience on modern consoles. Being a massive Mass Effect fan myself, I’ve had more than a few people reach out wondering if the alleged remaster would be a […]