Get An i9 Processor At A Great Price For A Limited Time

If you’re looking at building a gaming PC or just upgrading your CPU, then Newegg has an excellent deal on a great 9th-gen i9 processor. The Intel i9-9900K Coffee Lake processor is down to $400 with promo code EMCDPFG42. It’s the same processor we used in our PC build guide and is more than enough for all modern PC games–it’ll keep you from needing to upgrade for quite a long time as well.

This deal is valid through Saturday, August 22, and supplies are limited, so you’ll want to order soon if you’re interested. It comes with free shipping and can arrive as early as Monday, August 24, depending on where you live.

Intel Core i9-9900K Coffee Lake processor

$400 (was $430) with promo code EMCDPFG42

This i9-9900K Intel processor (8-Core, 16-Thread) clocks in at 3.6GHz with a maximum Turbo frequency of 5.0GHz. This means you can use Intel’s Turbo Boost Technology to push the processor even harder to increase your performance. Please note that this CPU is only compatible with Intel 300 Series motherboards.

If you’re curious whether this processor is compatible with your gaming PC, then check out PC Part Picker, where you can plug in all of your components and then see if there are any conflicts with compatibility or power usage. It’s also extremely helpful for building a PC from scratch–it’s what we used for our PC build guide.

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