Final Fantasy VII Remake Officially Goes Gold

As if fans of Final Fantasy VII Remake weren’t excited enough for the release of the demo, their excitement is sure to grow even more since it has been officially confirmed that the game has gone gold. The information comes from Japanese website 4Gamer in which it talked with director Tetsuya Nomura about the game’s […]

Research Coronavirus By Playing A Video Game

Who says video games are a waste of time? Well, a lot of people over a certain age. But gaming might just help us learn more about the coronavirus, says a team at the University of Washington in Seattle. They are using a video game called Foldit to learn more about the virus. Foldit is a puzzle, run by academic research scientists, […]

Pokémon Sword & Shield: How To Find Indeedee

It’s hard to find good help these days. In the world of Pokémon and specifically in the Galar Region, good help comes in the form of Indeedee. This Normal/Psychic-type Pokémon literally lives to serve as it derives energy from feelings of gratitude. They’ll take in your groceries, cook breakfast, and do whatever you want just […]

Pokémon GO Is Censoring Actual Pokemon Names In Nickname Entries

As any Pokémon fan already knows, Pokémon games allow them to give nicknames to their Pokémon. Whether it’s because the nicknames have sentimental values, are an inside joke, or any other reason, they provide a personal touch to the Pokémon and make the name have more meaning. But in a strange turn of events, some […]

Atari Bringing Back A Classic With Missile Command: Recharged

Atari is bringing back Missile Command for your phone. Once upon a time, Atari was the world leader in video games and not some weird company making even weirder hotels. They were on the cutting edge when cathode ray tube televisions were still considered the epitome of visual fidelity and knobs were considered an acceptable […]

Roller Champions closed alpha test kicks off March 11

Ubisoft has a number of new games stewing within its many studios, and one of those is the competitive-skating digital sport Roller Champions. Now, the publisher wants to see how the free-to-play multiplayer game performs in the real world. Ubisoft is kicking off a closed alpha for Roller Champions that begins March 11 and runs […]

BFI London Film Festival to Expand Public Programme With XR Projects

Film festivals like Sundance and Tribeca have spent the last several years embracing virtual reality (VR) content, with projects from Spheres to Gloomy Eyes finding success. Today, the BFI London Film Festival has announced it’ll be hosting a new public showcase featuring experiential projects and immersive works. The showcase will feature approximately 30 new projects that utilise VR, augmented reality (AR) and […]

Unannounced Star Wars game appears to leak via PlayStation Network

A new Star Wars video game, one that hasn’t been officially announced by publisher Electronic Arts, may have just been revealed thanks to a datamined PlayStation Store listing. According to the Twitter account PSN releases, which is run by a bot that monitors Sony’s PlayStation Network for new Playstation 4 game releases and updates, a […]

Halo: Combat Evolved on PC sparks fond memories of a simpler time

Aaaah, now this is Halo. Three months after releasing Halo: Reach on PC, Microsoft surprise-added Halo: Combat Evolved to Steam yesterday—both standalone and as part of the Master Chief Collection. Unlike Reach, the original Halo had its day on PC back in 2003. This is the Anniversary edition though, the remaster from 2011. And you […]