CLG’s NiceWigg Hits Apex Predator With Controller and Mouse and Keyboard

CLG NiceWigg has become the world’s first player to reach Apex Predator rank in Apex Legends on both controller and mouse & keyboard.

Normally, you’re either a controller player or you’re a mouse & keyboard player. That’s why there’s a rivalry between console and PC players, where one accuses the other of not understanding the complicated equipment that allows them to play games, even though both at this point can be played using either a controller or mouse & keyboard.

But regardless of the memes, it’s a hard thing swapping between controller and mouse & keyboard inputs. Muscle memory just wants to stick with one or the other, and doing both is a lot like being ambidextrous or bilingual.

We’ll just call CLG NiceWigg the world’s first bilingual Apex Predator because he’s achieved the world’s top ranking in Apex Legends on both game inputs.

“2 Different accounts / 1 Controller – 1 Mouse and Key,” wrote NiceWigg after he made the accomplishment known on Twitter last week. Best known for being one of the top-ranked players on PC with a controller, NiceWigg made the swap to M&K a little while ago under the advice of a few friends. Since then he’s been steadily climbing the ranks and was able to reach Apex Predator on mouse & keyboard just before the end of the season.

Congrats to you, NiceWigg. Let’s see how far you can go on mouse & keyboard in Season 5.

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