Long-time Brazilian CSGO pro sentenced to 116 years in prison for embezzlement

A former Brazilian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional has been sentenced to 116 years in jail according to a report by ESPN’s Brazil division.

Shayene “shAy” Victorio has been convicted of larceny and embezzlement, charges stemming from a business she had run with an ex-partner from 2013 to 2017.

shAy had been a top female Counter-Strike player in Brazil from 2008 up until May, 2019, helping to bring the female scene in Brazil into the place it is today. She played both CS 1.6 and CS:GO before stepping back to stream full-time.

Her lawyers have released a statement to Brazilian site UOL on her behalf in defense.

“shAy is now the target of defamation on the internet, with people creating fake pages to attack her, simply for the purpose of gossip and malevolence,” Antônio Carneiro, her lawyer, said according to a translation.
“We will appeal against the sentence that we consider inhumane, awaiting a new decision and under the guise of the principle of innocence, as it can only be someone found guilty, when the sentence is final.”

She has also adamantly denied the claims and charges herself, citing her lifestyle as a reason it “doesn’t fit in.”

“I work with my image, I do live broadcasts daily, I am known in my field, I have a physical address. It does not fit in with what is being judged out there,” her post to Instagram said.

She also posted a series of tweets that can be found in Portuguese here.

shAy has not yet been arrested as this is not normally done in Brazil until all appeals have been used.

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