Roller Champions closed alpha test kicks off March 11

Ubisoft has a number of new games stewing within its many studios, and one of those is the competitive-skating digital sport Roller Champions. Now, the publisher wants to see how the free-to-play multiplayer game performs in the real world. Ubisoft is kicking off a closed alpha for Roller Champions that begins March 11 and runs through March 23.

When GamesBeat reviews editor Mike Minotti played Roller Champions in June, he described it as “roller derby-meets-Rocket League.” The goal is to outskate your opponents to get a ball that you shove into an illuminated hoop at the end of the rink. And it seems like fun. You can, of course, attempt to find out for yourself by hopping into the closed alpha test.

You can register to participate in the Roller Champions closed alpha by signing up on the game’s website. Right now, it’s only for Ubisoft’s Uplay service on PC, so console players will have to sit this one out.

But Ubisoft still plans to launch Roller Champions for everyone this year.

If you participated in the previous Uplay demo for Roller Champions, Ubisoft has made some changes and additions. You’ll find more character customization options and moves as well as a new arena.

Roller Champions is a small but significant step for Ubisoft as it attempts to move past the disappointing Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. That big-budget cooperative shooter missed the publisher’s expectations, and the company delayed most of its lineup in response.

Ubisoft wants to create games that feel more distinct from one another, and Roller Champions could deliver exactly that.

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