Fortnite Is Counting Down To Doomsday, And Here's What That Means

Epic Games recently announced that Fortnite’s Chapter 2, Season 2 will end on June 4, and if previous seasons are any indication, a blockbuster event is likely to mark its conclusion. Recently, a countdown timer appeared in the game’s main menu and in Midas’s office, counting down to a date that would seem to be Saturday, May 30.

This would appear to be related to the much-rumored “Doomsday Device” that Fortnite players and leakers have been discussing for the past few weeks, with some speculating that the large orb-shaped device with pipes running everywhere in Midas’s office is the Device. The introduction of the Storm the Agency challenges in the game’s latest update might suggest that Team Shadow may soon usurp Team Ghost in the Agency, which could lead to the device being triggered.

Recent discoveries by established Fortnite leakers would seem to suggest that this event may bring more underwater areas to the game, but it’s impossible to say for sure until the date. Recently, Epic partnered with OnePlus to get Fortnite running a 90 frames per second on their phones, which is better than consoles like the Nintendo Switch. One thing’s for sure: based on the smash success of April’s Travis Scott event, it’s likely that this Doomsday will be even more bombastic and ambitious than any we’ve seen before.

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