Fortnite Season 3 Players Are Obsessed With Loot Sharks

Fortnite added some dangerous sea life to its water world-like map when Season 3 dropped this morning. Loot Sharks, deadly little great whites who drop weapons and ammo when killed, are now scattered around the water-covered parts of the new map.

The sharks will attack you if you get too close. They’ll even jump out of the water and onto shore in order to take a bite. Players have already shared wild videos of sharks flying through the air and attacking them while they are inside a nearby building. These fish have range.

If you manage to grab a fishing rod before running into one of these killers you can cast a line towards a shark and ride the waves. The shark will grab the line automatically and you’ll dawn a pair of instant jet skis you use to skate across the water. Some players have been getting some creative eliminations while riding the murder fish.

Sharks launch you in the air by swimming into the new Season 3 whirlpools scattered throughout the flooded half of the map. Rickety Rig or Sweaty Sands are two locations where you’re guaranteed to find both sharks and a whirlpool. Don’t forget to use the whirlpool at the Fortilla to finish one of the Aquaman challenges.

Sharks have some fun quirks on top of their viciousness. Players have found that they’ll glow the same color as the highest tier of loot you feed them. Just slow down and drop it in front of them to see them glow purple or green as you sail through the night behind them.

Riding a shark, unlike other vehicles, makes you completely vulnerable though. If you aren’t killed by the shark itself you’ll probably get taken down by an assault rifle as you cruise around the map.

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