10 Apex Legends Gibraltar Memes Only Fans Will Understand

The free-to-play online battle royale game Apex Legends is currently one of the most popular games of its genre. In the game, players choose which character to play as and these are known as legends. Then, the players battle it out in the Apex arena – the chosen battlefield that the game takes place on.

The legends each have their own unique personalities and play styles. Some legends are suited to tactical gameplay whilst some are more suited to helping their squad. One of these is Makoa Gibraltar, also known as Gibraltar. His gentle giant personality and his abilities in the arena have made him a target for many fan-made memes.

10 Gibraltar Is The Future

One of the elements of the game that make fans love Apex so much is the detail that goes into each character’s backstory. Gibraltars parents were both volunteers for something called SARAS, which means Search and Rescue Association of Solace. In essence, it’s a charity that rescues and helps people on one of the many Apex worlds.

The lessons taught by his parents are reflected in Gibraltar’s caring personality and in his abilities as they are focused on helping his team.  Redditor wing6781 imagined what it would be like to have a full team of only Gibraltars.  Perhaps this could be a good way to make players work together. None of Gibraltar’s abilities are self-serving, they are all for the good of his team.  Sadly, teamwork can sometimes be forgotten in Apex.

9 Shields Are Not Always Enough

Each legend in the game has 3 abilities; tactical, passive and ultimate. Gibraltar’s passive ability is a shield that is deployed in front of him whilst the player is aiming down the sights of any weapon. For many gamers, this ability has been and continues to be very useful despite it being downgraded several times.

However, as any gamer knows there are never any guarantees despite how things seem. Even if the gamer is playing as Gibraltar and using his defense abilities effectively, there is still every chance that other enemies can break the shields and take them down.

8 Heirlooms Are Hilarious

Heirlooms are one of the more recent additions to the Apex games. These are extremely rare items that are unique to each legend and sought after by many fans. They are more commonly acquired by gamers through collecting heirloom shards, a currency in the game that in itself is rare.

Although they are known to be rare collectibles and many fans want to own some, it does not mean they are particularly mind-blowing designs. The hype surrounding their release led many fans to believe that they would be items that set the players that had them apart from the ones who didn’t. That has not been the case with some heirlooms, especially with Gibraltar. His ones definitely disappointed this Instagrammer.

7 The Ever-feared “Gibby”

Gibraltar has been free to play since the game was released and his lovable personality has led to fans giving him a nickname. Gibby is certainly not the most intimidating name for a character taking part in a violent competition, but fans have stuck with it. A lot of fans of the game like Twitter user @StatXMedia can’t help but visualize an iconic childhood series character when they hear that name.

The friendly tone to the nickname suits Gibraltar as players know he is one of the nicer legends. Granted, he still packs a punch but he is not there for his own ego or to inflict pain. The developers themselves stated that he is there to help people by protecting his squad.

6 Boom! Outsmarted

Although many fans believe that Gibraltar has one of the best ultimate abilities in the game, it is pretty easy to outsmart it. His ultimate rains down bomb strikes on an area he has marked, often spelling death for enemy squads.

The only downside to his ultimate is that fans have gotten used to evading it. Typically, there is a window between Gibraltar announcing his bomb strike and it actually hitting the ground. Therefore, as soon as enemy teams are aware of what is about to happen they run to the closest building and this can shield them from any damage.

5 The Hero We Need Right Now

As shown by this Twitter user, players know that it is in Gibraltar’s nature to take hits to protect his team. His tactical ability is a dome of protection which he can deploy to protect his team if they are inside of it. Many gamers use this feature to protect themselves whilst reviving downed teammates. Players definitely benefit from having Gibraltar on their team.

However, there is a downside to his dome. If enemies get inside of it then it offers no protection at all. In that sense, the dome is really only effective at protecting against ranged attacks and even then it can disappear if enough damage is done to it.


4 Leave Him Alone

It is not unusual for game developers to change up character statistics on online games through different seasons. This is no different for Apex and poor Gibraltar has been downgraded a few times over the past seasons. Much to fans’ disappointment, including @gibraltar_bubble on Instagram, the upgrades that once made him a brilliant character have now been almost completely removed.

As many loyal fans have recognized, there seems to be a pattern to the downgrades. The more popular characters get targeted for downgrades whilst the less popular ones get boosted with upgrades. Lifeline is rumored to be the next character to be hit by some serious changes.

3 Fans Will Allow It

As any gamer knows, having a favorite character can mean turning a blind eye to obvious issues or unfair qualities they may have. Debates within gaming communities are not a new concept and there have been many surrounding how fair the certain power levels of each legend are. This is particularly prevalent in the Apex community, with loyalty to legends making fans constantly debate about which legend is the best.

Loyal Gibraltar fans have seemingly ignored the fact that at one point in earlier seasons, his shields were nearly impossible to damage. However, this has not stopped the game from gaining over 100 million players since it was launched.

2 Gibraltar Needs To Share

Developers seem to have tried to make up for their numerous downgrades of Gibraltar through their event rewards. Events are limited-time modes that appear on the game and they have their own rare rewards. These rewards are gained through gamers playing the even and completing event-specific tasks. As any Apex fan knows, some events are better than others but they all have cool rewards.

As fans like Instagrammer unpopular_gamemes noticed, the costume rewards for many events have avoided being given to more popular legends. To their annoyance, Gibraltar has been the legend that many of the costume rewards have been tailored to. This delighted the Gibraltar fan community though.

1 He Has Style

Any loyal Gibraltar player knows that the guy has style. Even though he is covered in layers of bulky armor, he carries himself in a way that tells fans he knows how effortlessly cool he is. This has led to many fans theorizing that Gibraltar’s out-of-game style might be, making way for some hilarious results.

Redditor phil_swift_is_my_dad  made a meme referencing Gibraltar’s love of wearing extremely bulky armor. It has unintentionally made many fans agree that it would be something the character would wear. Gibraltar is loved by many Apex fans for a number of reasons; his gentle giant nature, his willingness to put himself in harm’s way to help, and now his cool style has been added to the mix. There is no denying it, Apex players are highly imaginative when it comes to their favorite legends.

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