A Pokemon Fan Turned Regirock Into Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

We’re not sure whether this makes what has been a disappointing start to 2021 better or worse. Either way, here’s Regirock as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Pokemon will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year. During those two and a half decades, its creators have given us nine generations of Pokemon and are closing in on having made 1000 different creatures. As impressive as that is, it’s plain to see that on some of those days, Pokemon creators were feeling a little less inspired than they were on others.

That is absolutely fair enough. We challenge anyone to sit down and create just shy of 1000 completely unique new monsters. Even with 25 years in which to do it, that’s a tall order. Some of them were always going to be an ice cream cone with a face or an anthropomorphic bag of trash.

Some Pokemon designs are downright scary. Those without a recognizable face are the ones that tend to get us. The legendary titans Regirock, Registeel, and Regice, for example. The trio has colored dots where their facial features should be, making them pretty intimidating. One Redditor has drastically altered Regirock’s appearance, and we’re not sure whether it makes it more or less scary.

Wreckreative has combined Regirock with Dwayne Johnson, otherwise known as The Rock. On the surface, a powerful Pokemon being combined with one of history’s greatest wrestlers would normally make the hybrid infinitely more intimidating. However, Wreckreative used a signature Rock look that significantly softens Regirock’s edges, figuratively and literally. The iconic picture from the ’90s in which The Rock is sporting curly hair, a turtleneck, and best of all, a fanny pack.

Wreckreative used a combination of Pokemon Go’s AR ability and Photoshop to create the beautiful monstrosity. Honestly, it has made us want to see some sort of Pokemon/WWE crossover game more than anything else. Brock Lesnar as Incineroar would be interesting to see, Charlotte Flair is almost certainly a Rapidash on the inside, and Gengar dressed in Undertaker garb is something we never knew was missing from our lives. By the way, if that were to happen, it would be video game appearance number 57 for The Deadman.

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