Amazon’s Crucible Is Shutting Down For Good

The team behind Amazon Games’ Crucible made the difficult decision to discontinue development. The player count simply isn’t there, and efforts to save the game haven’t paid off. After adding one last feature, the developers are going to move on to New World and other projects.

Crucible is a hero-shooter-MOBA hybrid with a steep learning curve but rewarding gameplay for those who put the time in. Sadly, few gave it the initial chance it needed to gain a foothold in an Overwatch/Valorant world. Player counts were low from the start, too low to create any kind of sustainable future.

The Crucible team put the game back into closed beta in July. In a Friday night blog, the developer explained that it used this time to work on a list of core features. The hope was that, when these features were delivered, a path forward would become clear. The last of these core features, custom games, is set to be added in the next few days. That meant it was time to evaluate where Crucible is and where it could go.

In a decision that must have been very hard to make, the team decided that there was no future for Crucible. Refunds are being offered for purchases, and microtransactions are disabled. The team will hold one last playtest event to celebrate the community in the coming weeks, after which matchmaking will be disabled. The only way to play after that will be through custom games, although those servers will be taken down on November 9.

We here at TheGamer wish the Crucible team the best of luck in future endeavors.

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