AMD To Show Next-Gen GPUs Next Month

Nvidia has set a really high bar when it comes to graphics processors. Their next-gen RTX 30-series cards are a quantum leap forward in terms of both price and performance. We know from benchmarks that the RTX 3080 will out-perform the RTX 2080 Ti at a fraction of the price, which has already gotten a lot of PC gamers extremely excited for the next-gen card’s release in October.

Not to be completely outdone, AMD is firing back with their own online showcases scheduled for October. First, we’ll have the brand new Zen 3 CPUs to look at in a presentation on October 8th. Then on October 28th at 12 PM EST, we’ll get our first good look at the next-gen Radeon 6000 GPUs with RDNA 2 architecture.

RDNA 2 should be familiar to those paying attention to the next-gen console war. Both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X (and the Xbox Series S) are powered by AMD graphics processors built on RDNA 2. We know that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are targeting 4K graphics at 60 fps along with ray tracing and other modern graphical features enabled, so we fully expect the new Radeon 6000 series of graphics cards to at least share the same things.

However, PC gamers aren’t particularly interested in whether or not a new graphics card can match a console in terms of performance. Since Nvidia is still considered the market leader in PC graphics, PC gamers are going to want to see how the Radeon 6000 cards compare to the new RTX 30-series. Nvidia has set an astoundingly high bar and even seems to be making inroads into the value segment of GPUs, which has traditionally been where AMD shines brightest.

Furthermore, with Nvidia’s first card arriving the same month that AMD reveals their Radeon 6000 graphics card, early adopters might not wait to see how the new Radeon compares on paper.

Nvidia has set the standard, and now we’ll have to see if AMD can beat it.

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