Amnesia: Rebirth On PS4 Gets Both Adventure Mode And PS5 Enhancements

Last month, developer Frictional Games released an Adventure Mode update for Amnesia: Rebirth on PC. Essentially, it rebalanced the main story to retain its creepiness factor but removed all enemies from the experience. It’s similar to the “Safe Mode” that was present in SOMA, another first-person horror title from Frictional. Said to be coming to PS4 in the future, it seems the small wait will be packing more than just a lack of enemies.

If you’ve been patient and happen to own Sony’s next-generation device, you’ll find that Amnesia: Rebirth on PS4 not only now has that rebalanced story option but will run at a much smoother framerate on PS5. Yes, the Adventure Mode update for PlayStation faithful is available today and brings in some unexpected PS5 enhancements with it.

While not exactly a native PS5 version, the increase to smoothness should result in a more playable experience all around. The PS4 original was capped at 30 FPS, but a new option will be selectable for PS5 players that enables the game to run at 60 FPS. I really like this trend of updating older versions instead of reselling “new” ports.

As for whether or not you should give Rebirth a try, it does seem like this Adventure Mode breathes some new life into the game. A lot of the issues fans had with the original version was its lackluster story and lack of interesting puzzles. With Adventure Mode adding more of the latter, it could wind up being the definitive way to experience this particular story.

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