Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How To Guarantee 8 Items From A Rock

Nintendo has put a major emphasis on crafting for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Basically everything you do in this game revolves around gathering materials and building things. You can chop trees, pick fruit, and even smack rocks to get various goods for clothing, furniture, and do-dads.

Smacking rocks shouldn’t be foreign to Animal Crossing veterans. Ever since the series’ inception, a hidden money rock was available in your town each day. Hit it a bunch of times and get free money. Wouldn’t it be lovely if life worked that way?

The ultimate goal of hitting rocks is to smack it eight times. That is the maximum amount you can get and it will help to achieve as many materials (or bags of money) as possible. When you hit the thing with your shovel or ax, though, it sends your character backward a bit. How do you stop this?

The solution is likely staring you right in the face. All you need to do is place an object or hole behind you to stop your character from moving. In fact, making three holes ensures you won’t be going anywhere. As you can see in the image above, I dug holes behind where I was going to stand and proceeded to mash A until I was done.

You can achieve this in numerous ways, but if a rock is near a tree, just substitute the tree for a hole. Having three objects ensures the game won’t slide you through a gap you may have missed. You can sometimes get away with just two, but three 100% guarantees you’ll hit a rock eight times.

With this method, you’ll be able to achieve a large number of stones, clay, and even iron nuggets with little effort. Building Nook’s Cranny will happen in no time flat. Just make sure you aren’t eating fruits before smacking any rocks. That will destroy them outright. They will eventually respawn, but you’ll lose out on a few days of material gathering opportunities.

No go out there and cheat the system! Don’t let your villager’s unstable balance prevent you from achieving as many stones as possible!

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