Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: All Of The World Events In Grantebridgescire (& How To Solve Them)

Every region in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has mysteries for you to solve, and one of them is known as a World Event. These are more commonly known as side quests, and players are tasked with coming up with a solution to a certain problem to complete them. They are basically mini-stories within themselves as you work to find a solution to a number of problems, and sometimes the choices you make affect the outcome.

There are ten World Events in Grantebridgescire, and some of these are the best in the game. Unfortunately, they are not always easy to solve which is why this guide exists to provide a helping hand!

The Doom Book Of Cats

  • Location: North of Grantebridge

First, you will need to talk to the man beside the fields who will tell you about the rat problem he is having. Next, you will need to go over to the crazy woman in front of a house just down the lane.

You will need to have your Charisma up to Level 2 in order to convince her to give you the key to her home. Once you open her door, all of the cats will run out. Talk to the farmer to complete the quest and he will give you a key to his home which also has a chest inside.

The Wound-Wands Of Friends

  • Location: South of Wycham

You will come upon a man who is sitting on a log with an axe in his head, and he will ask you what is wrong with him. They give you two choices, but this is one of the choices that doesn’t change the outcome. Choose whichever one you please and then pull the axe out of his skull, which in turn will kill him, to end this World Event.

Path To The Wind-Blue

  • Location: East of Middeltun

A man is trying to follow the path of the Light Elves to the Wind-Blue. The quest will begin when you light the first brazier, then you have to follow him to the next one to light. Overall, there are three you have to light before he requests a boat.

You will need to get in the boat just off the shore, but no need to move it as the man will hop in after you. Take him across the river to the next brazier, and then kill all of the opponents on the other side. Once it is finished, you can talk to the Norse soldier and finish this mystery.

The Cult Of Saint Guthlac

  • Location: Southwest of Earnningstone

When you are traveling along the road, you will come across a man with an overturned cart and an apple in his hand. He will complain about how he can’t bring the amazing apples back home, so Eivor will have to carry them for him. Just pick up the crate on the ground and take the slow walk back to his farm. The World Event is done when you place the crate on the ground by his home.

The Walloper

  • Location: Between Walden and Black Peak

You will see a well where two children are standing and they will be raving about a man called “The Wallop.” Speak to them and you will learn about the man, then you will be asked to fight him.

However, be warned because if you take even a single hit the fight will be over. The best strategy is to use your parry (and you can learn how to become a pro with this guide) to stun him and then take him down.

The Devout Troll

  • Location: North of Wycham

You will come across a house where a monk is outside sitting on a stool preaching about how strong his faith has become and he welcomes you to ruin all of his possessions. You will need to burn his house, the building beside it, kill his cow, and break boxes to progress his speech.

Once this is done, the monk will stand and reveal a key on the stool he was sitting on. Unlock the cellar behind his house to find a room full of corpses. Speak to the monk again which will trigger combat where you have to kill him, and he is easier to defeat than some of the bosses.

The Lord Of Norsexe

  • Location: The island west of Grantebridge

A man rules the island west of Grantebridge and he calls himself the Lord of Norsexe. He will tell you a story of his brothers’ drowning and how he wishes to give you the arm ring from the wreckage as a sign of an alliance.

Dive into the water and use Odin’s Sight to find the arm ring, then bring it back to the man. You can choose to tell him the alliance is made, which will end the World Event, or you can choose to question his story. In the latter case, you will have to kill him.

Winchell Of Robesfree

  • Location: South of Elisdon Altar

A nudist man stands atop a cliff and he will share how his group kicked him out, so he wants revenge. Jump off the cliff and head to the camp below where you will have to subdue the nudists, then steal the box with their clothes. Take the box back up to the man on the cliff and drop it there to complete the World Event.

Degolas The Beautiful

  • Location: East of Nene Blockade

You will come across a house where a boy is gagging outside, and he will explain the crates of excrement his father keeps inside. Equip your torch to rid the home of the gas, then transport four crates out of the home.

Next, the boy will ask you to help his father who is standing on a platform near the house over a pond. Shoot it with an arrow and he will fall in, then head back to their home and talk to Degolas to finish this side quest.

The Infinite Noise Of Men

  • Location: South of Wandrie

Two men will be in the middle of an argument over silver when you come across them. One tip is that you can choose any response as it will all lead to them storming off in anger no matter what. Next, talk to Sebbi and again choose any response, as it will lead to him entering into an endless duel with his brother. Finally, take a torch and light the silo on fire, then talk to the child sitting in the grass and the World Event will be over.

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