Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: All Of The World Events In Ledecestrescire (And How To Solve Them)

Each region in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has its own set of mysteries, wealth, and main story quests. The region of Ledecestrescire is no different and one of the mysteries that you will be tasked with solving is called a World Event. This is essentially a side quest and there are a total of ten for you to complete.

They are all different as some require a bit of thinking, while others utilize Eivor’s elite fighting skills. It all depends on the World Event, but this guide will help you solve each one in Ledecestrescire!

A Skald’s Lament

Location: South of Alcestre Monastery

  • Find the small camp with a Dane man and woman
  • Talk with the man who is acting strangely
  • He will take off in a run and you need to follow him
  • The man will enter a bandit camp
  • Kill the bandits before they hurt the man
  • Once they are all dead the man will collapse
  • Carry him back to the Dane woman and talk to her to complete the World Event

Skal To Your Wealth

Location: South of Repton

  • Talk to the alchemist selling an Elixir of Miraculous Wealth
  • Tell him you are interested in collecting the ingredients (lichen and bear testicles) for the elixir
  • Go to the boarded-up well across from his counter
  • Break the boards, drop to the bottom, and collect the lichen
  • Use the compass at the top of your screen and head west to find the bear den
  • Kill the bear and collect the bear testicles
  • Talk to the alchemist and give him the ingredients
  • Eivor will pass out and wake up on an underground mossy island
  • Collect the wealth from the chest
  • Fast Travel out or dive into the water and swim your way out of the cavern
  • Head back to the alchemist and talk to him to complete the World Event

Of Fist-Dances And Sweaty Oaths

Location: South of Wenloch Abbey

Method 1:

  • Reach Charisma Level 3
  • Talk to the burly man outside of a locked brick building and choose the Charisma phrase to gain entry

Method 2:

  • Head behind the building and locate the floating platform in a tree
  • Climb the tree beside it and use it to reach the platform
  • Loot the chest and read the note on the tree which will give you a password
  • Talk to the burly man in front of the building and give him the password
  • Enter the building and defeat three opponents in a fistfight
  • Talk to the burly man to finish one of the best side quests in the game

Sisters Of The Axe

Location: Northeast of Ledecestre

  • Find the key to open the door at the back left of the church by a stump
  • Talk to the Abbess inside
  • Follow the band of women to a Mercian soldier camp and kill the soldiers
  • Loot the crosier from one of the dead bodies
  • Follow the women down to the river
  • Kill all the wolves that appear
  • Meet the women across the river at the fire and talk to the Abbess to complete the World Event

The Twit Saga, Part 1

Location: South of Tamworth Fortress

  • Talk to the two brothers bickering outside of a house
  • Set the house on fire by throwing a torch on the roof
  • Talk to the brothers again and watch them fail to break down the door
  • Head to the opposite side of the house and wait for the fire to burn away the objects in the way of the movable object
  • Move the movable object to gain entry into the house
  • Search the table for their mother’s axe, then the kegs, and finally the bags (where you will find the key to the door)
  • Leave the house and talk to the brothers to finish the World Event and hear some of Eivor’s best quotes

The Last Leaf Of Fall

Location: Southwest of Alcestre Monastery

  • Talk to the little girl
  • Choose one of the three options (and this choice doesn’t affect the outcome)
  • Shoot down the leaf with your bow and arrow to complete the World Event

The White Lady Of Tamworth

Location: South of Tonnastadir near where two rivers meet

  • Attack the soldier guarding the tower until he yields
  • Interact with the woman behind the door
  • Defend the tower from the soldier
  • Once the soldier is killed stand by the door until the World Event is finished

The Old Guard

Location: Just Outside of Repton (a location where one of the best storylines takes place)

  • Talk to the Norse man playing a song
  • Take the key and find his old home to the right of the church with a few tents set up out front
  • Open the door, loot his home, then carry the box on the floor
  • Use the logs in the water to make it across, or find a boat
  • Deliver the box to the Norse Man to complete the World Event

Ledecestrescire Sauce

Location: Northeast of Sudwella Monastery

  • Talk to the man sitting at the table
  • Follow the dirt path to the dock near his home
  • Use Odin’s Sight to pinpoint the eels
  • Shoot an eel and jump in to grab it, or if the Fishing Hut is upgraded then use fishing line to catch one
  • Head back to the house and speak to the man
  • Put the eel in the pot
  • A cut scene will ensue and once it is over the World Event will be complete

The Stink-Brew

Location: Northwest end of Ledecestre

  • Find the entrance beneath the city beside the river’s edge
  • Follow the passageway back until you reach a woman behind bars
  • Search the passageways for vipers and one tip is to kill them to collect a total of eight viper eggs
  • The woman will ask for sets of two, three, and four viper eggs
  • She will pass gas then speak to the woman again
  • The woman will give you a key and then the World Event will be finished

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