Biomutant: Mercenary Class – Everything You Need To Know

Biomutant has no shortage of interesting classes to choose from. Whether you’re looking to create a ranged build, mage-like Psi-Freak, or a melee powerhouse, there’s bound to be a class with your name on it. However, if you happened to pre-order Biomutant, you’ll gain access to the exclusive Mercenary class –a class focused on dual-wielding swords to dish out extra damage to their foes.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Mercenary class in Biomutant – from how to unlock the class and how to properly build your character to fixing common bugs and accessing it without a pre-order.

How To Get The Mercenary Class In Biomutant

As of now, the only way to unlock the Mercenary Class in Biomutant is by pre-ordering the game. If you fall into that category, you’ll still need to go through a few extra steps before the class shows up in your game.

  • Xbox: Search for Biomutant on the Microsoft Store, then head over to the DLC tab from the Add-Ons menu. Here you’ll find your available DLC.
  • PS5: Close Biomutant if it’s currently running, then press the Options button while the Biomutant tile is selected. Navigate to the Manage Game Content option and select the Mercenary DLC to begin the install.
  • PS4: Unfortunately, some players on PS4 are experiencing issues when trying to install the Mercenary Class using their PS4. Instead, it seems that using the PlayStation App to access Biomutant DLC is the best current workaround.

How To Fix The Mercenary Class Glitch

If you’re having trouble downloading the Mercenary DLC, you’re not alone. THQ Nordic is aware of a bug impacting the pre-order bonus and is currently looking into a solution. There doesn’t seem to be an active workaround – and there’s no ETA on an official fix – so for now, there’s no way to bypass any glitches you’re encountering. Instead, let’s cross our fingers and hope a patch comes out as soon as possible.

Mercenary Class Will Eventually Become DLC

While the Mercenary class is currently limited to pre-orders, the powerful melee-based build will eventually be released as DLC. We don’t have a release date or price for the content, but it’s great to know everyone will get the chance to access Biomutant’s exclusive sixth class. Until then, you can run around with one of these melee builds – they might not be Mercenaries, but they’re still great options for getting up close and personal with your foes.

Best Mercenary Class Build In Biomutant

The Mercenary isn’t the easiest class to play – while it does improve your damage output, you’re not going to be very durable. That means you’ll need to dodge in and out of combat, laying down a few attacks before rolling out of harm’s way. Here are the two Perks given to Mercenaries:

  • Fury: Melee weapons deal 10% more damage.
  • Twin Silver Grip: Unlocks the ability to dual-wield melee weapons.

Pairing the Mercenary class with a Dumdon Breed will provide you with even more melee damage and give you a bit more Health and Armor. Or, you can opt for a Murgel to improve your Critical Chance – turning your Mercenary into a rogue-like trickster class.

As far as upgrades are concerned, make sure you unlock all your weapon Wung-Fu and Class Perks. With that done, work towards getting the following Psi-Powers and Biogenetics:

  • Biogenetics: Blink, Mucus Bubble
  • Psi-Powers: Telekinesis, Freeze

These should give you a good way to move in and out of combat, while also providing you with several options for crowd control. Use Blink to move into combat, cast Freeze to slow your opponents, then lay down a few melee combos before rolling out of reach.

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